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Germany’s Domestic Intelligence Agency Has Admitted To Destroying Even More Files Relating To The Right-Wing Extremist Scene – This Time On Orders From The Interior Ministry In Berlin. The Ministry Denies The Files Contained Any Clues About The Murderous National Socialist Underground Trio – 19 July 2012

Picture  German Interior Ministry.

(Lucas : I reported on Fromm being investigated as head of the homeland security of the Germans  in relation to his connection to Nazi Terrorists that murdered several people. The plot thickens  when now becomes clear files have been deleted or destroyed first with knowledge of Herr Fromm and now ordered also by the German minister of interior affairs.  Nobody can be sure of destruction of incriminating evidence in this way anymore. This makes the probability that  this rabbit hole goes down deep a fact. We will never know where it ends but for sure we can not lay trust in those that did this even in office with an investigation ongoing. That makes clear there is not only smoke here but a big fire looming underneath. It seems more people around the world are covering up their tracks in all sorts of cases as “We The People”  uncover or get presented the real truth about their evil actions and intent.) Continue reading