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Matthew C. Cox – Understanding The White Hats – 16 February 2012

It may be my Christian background or it may be prudence. Whatever the case, when I hear something new, I find myself looking for confirmation. The Biblical mandate to establish something at the mouth of “two or three witnesses” is an obsession for me.

If those witnesses don’t know each other, this gives the new information even more credibility.

Therefore, when I first heard about “The White Hats,” I reserved judgment. According to written reports, The White Hats are a group of people who work within government institutions. They work for the military, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and other government agencies. Continue reading


Matthew C. Cox – Doing Our Best – 8 February 2012

Dozens of arm-chair quarterbacks have second-guessed the story about the potential joyride to spaceship Neptune. The criticisms have come in various forms.

They have been so strong that, after tonight’s radio program, Steve Beckow is leaving his website and programs for at least a month. Continue reading