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Meg Benedict – We’re In For A Wild Ride – 5D Astrology This Week! – 1 October 2013

MegBenedictChange is in the air, the weather is brisk and power-plays abound. On this final day of September, we are experiencing a planetary ‘Threshold Point’, when the shifting consciousness ratchets up a notch to the next level. Humanity has reached the final moments when the old holographic reality hinges on the newly upgraded platform – the birthing of a new reality that is quite different.

October 1st will catapult us into the new realm so that our visions/hopes/dreams can find ‘footing’ in the new hologram of the 5D matrix. Since the summer’s Grand Trine, there have been continual bursts of clearing and purging as we disentangle from the reptilian 3D matrix. This will continue until our bodies/hearts/minds have fully integrated the old reptilian system and bloodline codes into the crystalline light of the 5D New Earth. Continue reading

Meg Benedict – What Is 5D Quantum Living, And How Do I Get There? – 4 June 2013

What is 5D Quantum Living, and How Do I Get It?The upcoming Solstice on June 21st welcomes a phase of inner reflection as Jupiter’s annual transit moves into Cancer at the same time that Mercury Retrogrades thru Cancer till mid-July. Get ready for a ‘touchy-feely’ summer, as the cosmos shines a spotlight on our deeper sensory Self. We have at this particular time the healing balm of compassion and strong water element to dissolve the past. Any remaining emotional attachment chords to the past hold us entangled in the dying 3D Matrix. This summer is the perfect opportunity to cut all emotional chords and entanglement with residual grief, sadness, loss and disappointment. Set yourself free! Continue reading

New Earth Central Blogtalkradio – Meg Benedict – 17 June 2012

Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for ‘seeing’ subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®. Continue reading