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Méline Lafont – Message From The Elementals, Fairies And Elves During The Blood Moon Portal – 18 April 2014

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These are messages that were conveyed through me while being in Avebury Stone Circle, UK.

Méline: Can you tell us what you ARE as an ESSENCE and being, instead of this form of stone? Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Trip To Glastonbury – 11 April 2014

My sweet friends, I will be in England Glastonbury next week on the 15th of April. I will be going to the Tor that day and want to invite you all, my friends who are able and available that day to meet up to connect with each other and to chit chat

I will be arriving in England at noon and have a 3 hour drive or so to Glastonbury so I would say between 4 and 4.30 pm we could meet at the Tor, Glastonbury. Whomever is interested and available and lives nearby to climb up the Tor to connect and meet with me: Tuesday April 15 between 4 and 4.30 pm at the Tor, Glastonbury

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Méline Lafont – Twin Flame Union And Triggers – My Personal Quest – 8 April 2014

MélineSo as I AM trying to put into words, which is nearly impossible, what I have been experiencing and seeing these last couple of weeks.. all is still being soaked into my being trying to comprehend it all. Simply amazed and dazzled as everything is falling into place but at the same time it is becoming more clear to me. Where to begin? Let’s choose a certain point where the energies and my experiences have started to become amplified in their existence. As always I choose to share some of my personal experiences as it may benefit many others going through the same.. in my humble opinion and feeling, exchanging experiences can assist in our understanding and comprehension of this all.

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Méline Lafont – The Eye Of Isis – Instigator Of Ascension – 4 April 2014

MélineMéline: I was feeling some interest in the Eye of Isis because 4 nights ago while buzzing in my body, this pure white eye appeared in my awareness but it was slightly different than the Eye of Horus. I noticed the difference in energy and so when I questioned its origin, the Name of Isis popped up. I had totally forgotten about this, as most lately everything is being forgotten instantly after experiencing it, until a friend of mine asked me if I ever heard of the eye of Isis. This visual remembrance came back in and so I tuned in with Isis and this is what beautiful Isis has to say about this all.Isis ~ I-sis ~ Eye- Sis

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Méline Lafont – Spring Equinox Birthing Quantum Consciousness – Message From Self – 25 March 2014

MélineThe rebirth of unification is here as the spring equinox is amplifying the oneness as a collective consciousness. So now as we all allow the integrations of our personal journeys to take place, by embracing our I AM Presence and Christed Selves, we shall now continue this journey ahead with the actualization of our former presences known as our Lemurian embodiments.

In those times our Lemurian consciousness and embodiments were of a very high and refined rate. In those days we stood beyond the need for a physical expression as we were lifted up in a higher state of awareness. Those were light bodies we were embodying at that time and so there was a shift in consciousness simultaneously as we were bypassing the borders of “death” and taking ona the form of a light body.

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Méline Lafont – The Pleiadians – Equinox Portal And Conscious Contact – 16 March 2014

MelineLafontNew (267x357)Greetings, we are the Pleiadians and we come forth in Grace and with Unconditional Love for every being upon this plane and beyond. We come with a deeper understanding and a knowing about your Planetary Ascension and the stages it is lingering in. As a deeper consciousness is being achieved by many of the collective upon your planes of reality, there are many new opportunities and possibilities being created and even manifested into your own collective – and your personal reality.

Méline Lafont – Introducing Her New Website – 11 March 2014

I MelineLafontNew (267x357)welcome you all dearly on my Website ♥ I AM thrilled and honored to share this journey with you all in this exceptional time we are in. I have created this website to offer my gifts through services and assistance, where guidance or support is needed. We all have inherent gifts and abilities lingering in ourselves, but sometimes until we can activate and access those, a helping hand can be a welcomed gift. Even for those of us who have awakened their gifts, a guidance from a neutral position is welcomed as we are often immersed in our personal issues and journeys that we are unable to “see” the clarity we so yearn for. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Current Happenings In (Y)our Reality – 1 March 2014

I AM talking about some personal happenings and experiences as well as about the effects of the current happenings in our realities such as solar Flares rising up to an unknown climax ever before.. The reactions of people in general and the transformation process of our bodies.

Much Love ♥ Méline


Méline Lafont – Current happenings In (Y)our Reality – 27 February 2014

I AM talking about some personal happenings and experiences as well as about the effects of the current happenings in our realities such as solar Flares rising up to an unknown climax ever before.. The reactions of people in general and the transformation process of our bodies.

Much Love ♥ Méline

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Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – Solar Flares, NESARA And Galactic Energies – 26 February 2014

MélineFor Dutch: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be/2014/02/saint-germain-zonnevlammen-nesara-en.html#more

(Note from Méline: Saint Germain has been speaking about this to me in my private space for some weeks now since he is at the moment more consciously present on our Earthly planes, but I never found the time to actually sit down and allow a channeling about this to come through. Finally I grabed the chance a few days ago and made some space for this message.) Continue reading