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Méline Portia Lafont – The Venusians – Love Portal – 23 April 2015

MélineBlessings, we are the Venusians. We come in Spirit to you onto this world of Matter to provide assistance in this dance of radiance and subliminal perceptions. We are here because we love you all and because we perceive some changes in the attitudes and the thoughtforms of mankind. Mankind is becoming aware of their own natural perceptions and what they hold as a mirror of Truth to themselves. Mankind is therefore becoming stronger in their own beliefs and what they are inclined to see as their Truth and destiny.

This belief and a form of perception of Truth awaken some spiritual awareness in all, in the sense that humans become aware of the fact that there is more in a human being than the mind is led to believe. Therefore all structures and forms of beliefs are falling down, fading away or mankind is simply stepping away from that in order to step into the Heart of knowing. Continue reading


Méline Portia Lafont – Reminder And Reflection Of The Moment From Goddess Isis – 17 April 2015


This planetary Ascension is on the point of full embodiment of Ascension, meaning that each and everyone on this Earth will and is being instigated with the true energies of the Divine Goddess creation, the Divine Feminine within you all. There is a Cosmic Source within your own awareness and Being as well as in this Universe of your Solar plane. Continue reading

Méline Portia Lafont – As Clarity Comes In On All Perspectives – 12 April 2015


The Lunar Eclipse Portal and Blood Moon has been intense so far. A real emotional roller coaster filled with happy, beautiful things as well as with sorrow. It started out for me personally, with some serious and profound tangible shifts in my physical vessel and all my energy fields being upgraded as to their speed of spinning. Which instigated a vibrational expansion in those areas. I wrote this brief explanation and personal sharing to my good friend and soul Brother Bill Ballard a few days ago:

“so much body changes and energy fields are spinning at a much faster pace. I love this shift! the only thing is that I AM SOOOO exhausted over nothing! But body is coping well, emotional body is being triggered for sure and old decisions which have been made previously are being affirmed and clear as to why they were made. There is no way of being in that old place anymore; it is just not possible as your body reacts to this very clearly. I love how I am starting to feel every cell of my body spinning and vibrating at times. Kind of a buzzing experience and having goosebumps all over. The ascension chakra is very open and pulsating big time. On we go!!!!”

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Méline Portia Lafont – A Little Note From Méline – 9 April 2015

Today my beautiful companion for almost 11 years has passed away. Sad are we ~ Me and the children ~ for we had to say goodbye for now ~ Happy are we that we were with her during her sudden transition as we could say goodbye. This morning Laika had a cerebral infarct where I found her in the Garden paralyzed on the ground yet still breathing. She started to make noises and cry as soon as she heard my voice while touching her. She was still there, yet unable to move ~ trapped in the body as she told me. Called the vet, we gave her an opening to set through if she wanted but then it would be awaiting how much of her would recover. We took her inside, the vet left and as I was talking to her soul ~ saying that it is her decision if she wanted to go or if she wanted to stay. I would support her. As I was saying to her soul that if she felt to be completely depending and blind afterwards and that she does not want to go through, it is best to leave now naturally than to be put to sleep for that is a transition process I am not wishing for her due its complexity.My words were just spoken as I held her and she stopped breathing instantly. The kids and I were with her and she is now hopefully in a more happy place! I LOVE you Laika, RIP 

This means that I will be more absent the next coming days for a short while until all is digested, and everything is dealt with from our family perspective and myself.  Thank you for understanding ❤


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Méline Portia Lafont – DEcoding And DEactivation Of The Human Mind – 3 April 2015

MélineMy precious hearts and friends,

The Tool which I have been speaking about in my last video is available and online!! As promised: my followers and subscribers will be gifted of this tool as a thank you for your support over the years.  If you are a follower of this blog, my Facebook page and Facebook profile and my website, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter on my website http://www.melinelafont.com and you shall receive this Tool as a gift as well.  For your friends and families this Tool can be found at my webshop at a very small rate.

Decoding and Deactivation of the Human mind is a channeled Tool in audio format and PDF format. You receive a symbol, light codes, Colors, light tones and vibrational tones to assist you in this process.

We move from the mind box to the Heart box.

“we transcend that which has been encoded within the Human mind. These codes have been implemented within our soul and DNA, energy fields and chakras to hold us in the matrix of illusion so that we were involved to play out the roles of slavery and entrapment in time. As we now move on and out of this illusionary way of being we now decree to move out of this and decode and deactivate the Human mind as it was programmed many centuries ago.”

This Symbol given to you by the Elohim of Light ~ The Council of Light ~ will assist you in this decoding and deactivation of the Human mind and will move you into the surging of purification, and code activation of God consciousness while simultaneously removing the old codes of the mind matrix.

This is an especially high vibrating exercise to be done with headphones and repeated on a regular base.

This includes one small manual and 1 audio guided meditation around 33 minutes with light language, codes and vibrational tones, Solfeggio tones. You can find this Tool and purchase it at my webshop.

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Méline Portia Lafont – My Solar Eclipse Experience – 22 March 2015

The Solar eclipse was a Breathtaking event !! The energies that are accompanied with this beautiful moment is just amazing and profound.  It really enters your heart and it has touched so many souls!  I woke up with a huge headache the same morning, finding myself trying to come back into this body and reality.  I went to see outside and saw nothing but clouds.  The Eclipse would start at 9.30 AM my time (CET) and would be at the fullest around 10.35 AM.  Yet, no sun was there to see because of the clouds! Continue reading

Méline Portia Lafont – Some Shared Revelations Concerning Light Body Activation – Dreams – New world – Current Stream – 8 March 2015

What a time! What a buzzzzzing time it is indeed. My body feels like a vibrating ball of light at times while I AM experiencing all my cells buzzing literally. It is as if my physical vehicle is electrified and ready to step into a whole new form. Light body actualization, beloveds!!! “This is it”, I was thinking! “This is the real deal here what many of us have been talking about for so long”. NOW I can feel it on my cellular level as never before. VERY physical thus.

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Méline Portia Lafont – Shake Up/ Wake Up/ Move Into This Accelerated Spiral – 6 March 2015


All starts from within you! That is a fact known by many, yet not all realize this as their truth and prefer to continue with the old ways of being through accusing others and blaming outside sources as the cause of everything that happens in their life. Still clinging on to issues pertaining to old values that we have now passed, seen and transcended a long time ago. This behavior and conviction will be your downfall. Truth is, if you want it or not, it will be so because the old world as you have known it, as you have been raised in and programmed for, is not functioning anymore like it used to. Continue reading

Méline Portia Lafont – Pleiadian Prophecy The Great Changeover 2013 – 2027 – 2 March 2015

Uploaded on 3 May 2014 by BlueprintForLove Continue reading

Méline Portia Lafont – Reminder And Reflection Of The Moment From Saint Germain: What Is Freedom? – 28 February 2015

What is freedom?
It is being without a shadow of thought, perceptions, visions, control, ideas, values, time, self image, actions… for these issues all limit the you from all freedom there is. Even in the slightest parts of you; freedom is you without all of that what is mentioned afore.
Truly, when you think about it and are trying to conceive what freedom is, to express freedom, it is already not freedom but limitation through a perception of the mind and what you think it is. Even putting into words of what freedom is, is everything but freedom for it is a limited form. An “inboxed” value you put onto it or try to conceive it as.

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