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Visionkeeper – Memories – 5 April 2013

amazing-art-bohemian-colors-Favim.com-619459(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I was looking at this picture and memories of the 60′s came flooding back to me. What an amazing time that was. It sticks in my mind as if glued there with super glue, it was a time that shaped my journey to where I am today, who I am today. I guess part of the reason those memories remain so intact is because we were still so young and doubt had not weasled it’s way into the far reaches of our minds yet. We were innocent and bold and full of conviction. We had a mission we were on and we barreled full steam ahead on it. We made great strides back then, we almost pulled it off and shifted the planet, but we became lost in the curling whisps of marajuana smoke and the intensity of LSD. We had the right idea, BE LOVE, we had the drive to make it happen, and even though we failed to complete our mission at that time, it would be to our benefit to look back closely at what made us as successful as we were. Continue reading