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Meredith Murphy – The Spaciousness Of New Potentials – 24 October 2013


Hello My Friends and Family,

You find yourself, I suspect, increasingly in states of spaciousness.

Today I wish to speak a little bit about the process of creating space, the purpose of opening to new potential and how this will occur as you experience the uplifting energies, infusions of love and and in fact, as you open to a more and more loving relationship with you. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Oct 18 – Nov 3 Eclipse Cycle: Eras Merge In Simultaneous Time – 18 October 2013

MeredithMurphyOngoing Expansion & Re-formatting to the New Earth:

Eras Merge in Simultaneous Time

Channeled on behalf of the Council of Light by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic transmission: Monday October 14. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – The Eclipse Passageway – 15 October 2013

MeredithMurphyOctober 18, through November 3, 2013

Ongoing Expansion & Re-formatting to the New Earth:

Eras Merge in Simultaneous Time

Channeled on behalf of the Council of Light by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic transmision: Monday October 14. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Message From Sanat Kumara – Moving From The Material To The Multidimensional

MeredithMurphyGreetings Dear Beings of Light,

I come to you today recognizing your abundant realizations about the true nature of things on Planet Earth. I celebrate with you as this increasingly accurate assessment of the dynamics of life open. This unfolding is altering your individual experience, the capacity for life on Earth and Earth as a field is more vibrant, more available and thus connecting with and accessing broader fields of light. This is benefitting everything that is and is part of the Divine Plan as all life returns to the ultimate reunion, as One. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – Things are Lightening Up – 3 October 2013

MeredithMurphyDear Ones,

The New Earth is opening up in some pretty sensational ways right now.
You are noticing this as you become more acclimated again, to the new way you are present. Your body has been upgraded yet again, as you experienced the Equinox alignment and also from the way you are summoning more and more expansive information from all that you are. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Divine Embodiment – Message From Archangel Michael With Sanat Kumara & The Council Of Light – 26 September 2013

MeredithMurphyGreetings Beautiful Ones!

I AM delighted to be here with you, connected in conscious appreciation for the unfolding of awareness and being on your planet. I join you to harmonize and assist with your own deepest desires for presence and remembering! Together, in this communion I can transmit and broadcast to you and support you in opening yourselves to more fully connect with the non-physical aspects of you. I am with you in this communion of remembering. It is my focus as a presence of life and light to participate in this expansion on Earth. It is my joy! Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – September Equinox, 2013 – Birth Of The Christ Consciousness Grid – Message From The Council Of Light – 18 September 2013

MeredithMurphyHello Dear Ones,
So many of you are so tuned in. It is so beautiful to us when you sense subtle energy changes, and trust your perceptions, your sense of things. Even if you cannot totally explain it, even if it is mysterious or the implications unclear, so many of you still feel the truth of the currents now in play and know with confidence what you sense. You feel subtle energy reshaping and you get the gist of the qualities of what is taking place, you sense the import of things and in this we find so much to be joyous about, for you are really orienting and trusting your inner clarity. And of course, in these subtle senses of things, you are very much right.  Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Archangel Michael – Living As Light Transforms Your Relationships – 11 September 2013

MeredithMurphyHello Beloved Ones,

As you tune to the New Harmonics of Consciousness your relationships will be transformed.

More and more you will find yourself being able to access a nonchalant attitude toward others. This will bring more humor into your lives and more fun.

One of the most incredible gifts of stepping into the New Reality is the lightness of interactions happening at higher vibrations. We notice how much you enjoy when we are playful with you.  Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – How To Prepare For The September Equinox – 4 September 2013

MeredithMurphyGreetings Beloved Ones,

It is a new time in your lives. There are arcs overlapping as some of you — the leading edge — are realizing what you began and commenced in the massive waves of energy of this new year of your 2013. You are beginning to emerge from the integration necessary for your physical body to “join the game” and starting to focus more and more upon dreaming the dream of your new lives. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – The Purity Of The New Arises – 17 August 2013

MeredithMurphyGreetings Beloved Ones.

As the new age dawns in each of your hearts, there is a freeing up from old ways of living in human form and an opening to a new experience of humanity. The cross-over into this new experiences happens in fits and starts. You thrust forward, you experience a new sense of openness, spaciousness, possibility. You acclimate to that level of expansion, you get frustrated and eveny ornery wondering what happened, and then you expand again. As you begin to realize the spiraling nature of expansion you wonder how you can persist more and more in the energy that you enjoy, in the state of being that feels so good. And so it is with this longing in mind that we speak with you today. Continue reading