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‘Concrete Steps For OSCE To Monitor E. Ukraine’ Agreed By Putin, Merkel, Poroshenko – 17 February 2015

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The leaders of Russia, Germany and Ukraine have discussed the progress in implementing the Ukraine ceasefire deal amid an ongoing dispute over Kiev’s besieged military force in Debaltsevo.

The measures necessary to bring the so-called Minsk agreement into force were discussed during a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the Kremlin reported Tuesday.

“The issues of ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons by the sides of the conflict and the situation around the city of Debaltsevo were discussed,” Putin’s office said. The leaders also agreed on specific steps to be taken to enable OSCE monitoring mission in the area.

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Merkel, Hollande, Putin To Discuss End To Ukraine’s Civil War At Moscow Talks – 6 February 2015

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The French president and the German chancellor are set to visit Moscow on Friday after a trip to Kiev, in order to find a peaceful solution to the escalating violence in Ukraine, the Kremlin has confirmed.

“I can confirm that indeed tomorrow [Friday] Putin, Merkel and Hollande will have talks. The leaders of the three states will discuss what specifically the countries can do to contribute to speedy end of the civil war in the southeast of Ukraine, which has escalated in recent days and resulted in many casualties,”Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskovsaid.

The leaders of Germany and France met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev on Thursday. After the meeting, Poroshenko said that the talks indicated that a ceasefire was possible in eastern Ukraine. He also thanked EU leaders for their “unity and solidarity on the Ukrainian question.”

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – German Central Bank Head Warns Merkel On Repeated Weakening Of Positions; Third Front Against Merkel – 6 July 2012

Chancellor Angela Merkel is now under pressure from a third front, this time, from Jens Weidmann, president of the Bundesbank (Germany’s Central Bank). The Financial Times reports Weidmann warns Merkel over weakening

Germany’s top central banker has criticised the decisions of last week’s summit to help debt-laden eurozone members, warning that the bloc was “constantly mutualising risks and weakening the agreed rules”. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – European Crisis Summit Score 0-18 With Another Coming up June 28; Is Merkel Misinterpreted? Will The FOMC Move Decisively? – 20 June 2012

 Steen Jakobsen, chief economist of Saxo Bank in Denmark, asks via email: “Is Merkel Misinterpreted? Will the FOMC Move Decisively?”

The misunderstood Chancellor.

The market clearly believes Ms. Merkel will, ultimately, not withstand the pressure – and she will end up collateralizing rising debt. I remain extremely skeptical. I even dusted off my school German to read Der Spiegel and Focus, two major German weeklies, which give you a very different perspective. Continue reading

Mike Shedlock – Merkel Casts Doubt on Saving Greece, Insists ECJ be Empowered to Police Nannyzone; ECB insists on Profits on Greek Bonds; IMF Takes Tougher Stance; Greek Socialists Reject EU Mandates – 26 January 2012

Amazingly, smack in the midst of deal to save Greece from bankruptcy, the ECB not only insists on taking no losses on Greek bonds its holds, it wants a profit on them because it bought them at what seemed at the time to be a substantial discount. The discount was imaginary. The bonds were trading at 7% at the time. Continue reading

Merkel Says Uncontrolled Greek Insolvency Must Be Avoided

Merkel Says Uncontrolled Greek Insolvency Must Be Avoided via Bloomberg.com by Tony Czuczka and Mariejose Vera

My comment: Philipp Roesler, the vice chancellor and economy minister says in the same article that there can be:  ‘No ‘Taboos’ So just like the ECB, things are hushed away but behind the screens the firing burning like hell.


Germany May be Ready to Surrender in Fight to Save Greece

Germany Readies Surrender in Fight To Save Greece Euro Creditvia Bloomberg.com by Simon Kennedy and Brian Parkin