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Julie Miller – Message From Ascended Master Lady Nada – You Have The Power – 27 December 2011

The great outpouring of love you are feeling is not only from the giving and love of the holiday season that is present all over this fine Earthly globe, but because you are a love-giving being that gives unconditionally of themselves ALL the time. During such an energetic time of year, the energies are high and easily can become overwhelming; especially if you are empathic towards others and their emotions and unsaid feelings. Open your heart dear ones to the fullness of all that is within your I AM Presence. Add your unconditional love in all you that you do. When you move through your daily tasks with love instead of with the Ego, you will feel this expansion in your heart dear ones. As you let in more love, you are also giving more of yourself. When you experience Divine Love, your Ego will not be involved. By this time you will have learned to keep your Ego at bay, and allow your love giving heart to be your TRUE guide to eternal happiness, love and joy. Continue reading