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Meredith Murphy – Message From The Council Of Light – Progression Toward The Rainbow Light Of The Golden Dawn – 20 December 2011

Star Beings of Light step forth in this Divine and auspicious moment as one Council of Light to share with you news from the leading edge, news that we hope will inspire you to shine brightly and seek joy and bliss with all your hearts.

Divine Ones, from beyond the veil of Earth’s frequencies we reach toward you as you rise in vibration and light.  We greet you in this juncture with great joy and accelerate your unfolding when called upon to do so.  We are part of a vast, diverse collective Family of Light that responds to your greatest urges as they relate to the Divine Plan.  We are part of a vast, organized team of beings who have put this plan in place and who are seeding your planet with all forms of light and information carried by solar flares, by waves of volunteers from other star systems throughout the galaxy and by divine humans who have returned in this incarnation with vast wisdom within their genetic makeup, all for the purpose of new light and new possibilities coming to fruition for the Earth.  In this we will not fail, our Victory is assured and it is from this vantage point that we call forth to you to orient to this emerging reality of being on the planet and find your way to the home you seek within you–with the true calling of your Earthly intentions and the aspirations you had upon entering this lifetime. Continue reading