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Lisa Gawlas – Dreams, Messages And More Change Of Plans!! – 24 October 2013

lisagawlas2Our spiritual teams really love to do a sneak attack on us and my team came at me with both barrels.  I mentioned in my last sharing that I got one hellofa upper chest rattle/cough/cold 3 days before my father got discharged from the hospital, after all was said and done with him there, and it hung on for 10 solid days.  I threw 4 different kinds of medicines at that thing in my chest, nothing even touched it, not even my dads prescribed super-duper couch suppressant.  The coughing due to this really strange rattle that reminded me of those trick birthday candles, the coughing never broke it up.  I pulled muscles from the constant cough, realized my bladder is weak as shit, and yet no one around me caught this cough.  I finally was so worn down from the coughing, I am bitching at my team and so worried whatever creeping crud crawled into me, would crawl into my father and my teams reply with a smirky grin:  You never take this much time off at home, so we came at you with all that we had to adjust all your frequencies.   Grrrrrrr! Continue reading