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Steve Beckow – Messages From Michael On NESARA, Disclosure, 11/11/11, Etc.- 20 November 2011

Messages from Michael on NESARA, Disclosure, 11/11/11, etc.. via http://www.stevebeckow.com by Steve Beckow.

We have two very interesting readings today from Archangel Michael through Linda. The first is from Casey, in which AA Michael discusses “how we are doing,” what 11/11/11 has begun, and where it’s going.  He discusses the chaos that is still apparent around us. He talks about the economic decay happening now.

But perhaps the segment of this channelling that will interest you most is that Archangel Michael discusses the pre-NESARA bridge programs. The secret is out. These programs are designed to help Lightworkers and Lightholders who are in dire straits. Continue reading