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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Metamorphosis – 22 February 2014

YOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAou are in a time and  place of birthing yourself into higher light. As you sit in the place of nothingness you feel a little discombobulated. Like a cosmic Gumby you try to stretch, and push thru what was but the walls of illusion seem to keep you restricted flapping your wings against the wind.

Your life is similar to that of the unborn child.  You feel boundaries; as if the very walls of your life grow steeper and slippery each time you try to scale them.  You grunt, you groan, you complain as the restrictions become more and more animated.  You are living in this 3rd dimension and yet you are also living in spirit.  Your body seems limited and vulnerable, yet the spirit that inhabits it is magnificent. Continue reading