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Mexican Citizen Sues ICE For Beatings, 5 Months In Solitary – 13 May 2014

RT logoA Mexican citizen is suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for beating him, denying him medical treatment and keeping him in solitary confinement for five months after a traffic violation.

Local police arrested Fernando Figueroa-Barajas at a roadblock near his Mississippi home in August 2013 for driving without a license. Pascagoula police told Figueroa-Barajas they were arresting him because he was a “fucking wetback” and an “illegal,” according to NotOneMoreDeportation.com, a project of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

On September 5, police turned Figueroa-Barajas over to ICE agents, who shackled him at his wrists, ankles and waist as they brought him to a detention center near Gulfport, Miss., according to the lawsuit. The agents then accused Figueroa-Barajas of a prior deportation from the United States and demanded he sign a deportation document, the lawsuit says. He refused, saying his only prior immigration history consisted of a voluntary return to Mexico following a brief border stop.

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