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Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela Decide Not To Cut Oil Production – 26 November 2014

RT logoDelegations from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Venezuela have met for the first time in such a format for talks in Vienna to discuss rapidly dropping oil prices. The group agreed to monitor prices for a year

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The energy ministers have not agreed upon cutting oil production, as such agreements can only be reached during OPEC meetings, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez said following the talks held at the Park Hyatt in Vienna on Tuesday.

He added that the group also believes the current oil prices are too low, and named a fair price at $100 per barrel.

Russia’s Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak and Igor Sechin, the head of state oil company Rosneft, attended the meeting.

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Huffington Post US – Olga R.Rodriguez – Mexico Elections Recount 2012: More Than Half Of Presidential Vote Marred By Inconsistencies – 5 July 2012

MEXICO CITY — Mexican electoral authorities said Wednesday they are recounting more than half the ballot boxes used in the weekend’s presidential election after finding inconsistencies in the vote tallies.

Of the 143,000 ballot boxes used during Sunday’s vote, 78,012 will be opened and the votes recounted, said Edmundo Jacobo, executive secretary of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute.

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BBC News – Congress Contempt Charge For US Attorney General Holder – 21 June 2012

BBC News US & Canada : A US House of Representatives committee has voted along party lines to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

Mr Holder refused to hand over papers relating to a botched sting operation.

The move comes after President Barack Obama used his executive privilege to withhold documents sought by the House Oversight Committee.

But Mr Holder said claims that he did not co-operate over Operation Fast and Furious were “untrue”.

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UFO Report Sightings – Mexico And Texas – 9 June 20212

Amazing Daytime UFO Footage Lubbock, Texas

Uploaded 8 June 2012 by

MASS UFO sighting over Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Uploade on 7 June 2012 by

UFO Report – Tijuna, Mexico – 7th February 2012 – 12 February 2012

Uploaded by  op 7th Febr.  2012

UFO over Mexico – 27 December 2011

UFO over Mexico 27th December 2011 uploaded by RealmLeaper on YouTube 28th Dec. 2011.


Close-Up Shots of Jellyfish-Like UFO Video

Close-Up Shots of Jellyfish-Like UFO Video.


Another example of different sorts of UFOs. Jellefish like UFO

UFOs in Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico 30 july 2011

filmed 30 july 2011, uploaded 1 August 2011.

Video UFO OVNI Iztapalapa, México – Rafael Vázquez tercermilenio 25th July 2011