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Michael Henry Dunn – Neil Keenan Update : Arrest The Bankers – Counterfeit Notes Issued By The ECB…The BIg EURO Bailouts Are Backed By Less Than Air – They’re Backed By Fraud – 31 March 2013

Uploaded on 31 March 2013 by Michael Dunn In today’s video, look for Neil’s response on such questions as: What is the bigger picture regarding the Cyprus savings account theft by the EU? Is the new BRICS alliance going to come to the rescue, or is it just an EU rerun? How and when will the humanitarian projects emerge from the liberation of the Global Collateral Accounts? Keenan’s blunt responses to these questions will be heartening to some, and frightening to others. We know who the frightened ones are, and they have reason to fear the consequences of their actions — consequence they no doubt thought never to face. (NOTE: Today’s video update on Youtube was inadvertently posted prematurely, and then withdrawn by us.  It is now reposted in its entirety. – Jean) Thanks Jean- www.jhaines6.wordpress.com)


Michael Henry Dunn – Neil Keenan & Team Celebrate As Crucial Evidence Comes To Light : St. Patrick’s Day Update From Jakarta – 18 March 2013

Uploaded 18 March 2013 by Michael Dunn Continue reading

AmericanNationalMilitia – Michael Henry Dunn – News From Neil Keenan – 12 March 2013

goldbars(Lucas : If you followed the story of the trillion dollar lawsuit and the “collateral accounts”  they are called also global accounts you see the players in it are still fighting for control over it and the gold and other “value” attached to it. I can only say watch and discern yourselves. We soon will see who is who and the real truth will be revealed as all that was and is still hidden wil be revealed in absolute  data to us!)

Update: Keenan sets the record straight after security breach and extortion attempt in Jakarta Continue reading

Michael Henry Dunn – Update Regarding The Global Accounts: On The Ground With Neil Keenan In Indonesia – 9 March 2013

money-currencywiki1JAKARTA – March 9, 2013

For those wondering if Neil Keenan is for real, the answer is ‘yes.’  For the many thousands (contacts in the agencies say millions) who viewed our video message “Neil Keenan – The Changing of the Guard” and have asked ‘what happened to the Christmas Announcement?’, I can only say that I now see our Irish Santa Claus on a daily basis, and will ask you to kindly remember that on the video he told us “we may have an announcement by Christmas…” (and also to recall that the Irish prefer to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day).

I have learned that Mr. Keenan is careful with his words, and avoids false promises.

Many more pieces have fallen into place since that time. Neil has solidified his alliances with major stakeholders of the assets in the Accounts, and has laid the groundwork necessary for forward action – not only to implement debt relief for the stricken nations of Europe, but to move forward with global humanitarian projects once the Accounts have been audited and set in order.  Conversations with key figures in the Chinese leadership are progressing well.  It has been established that eighty-five per cent of the assets in the Global Accounts belong to China through the Qing Dynasty. Other stakeholders including Greece, Ireland, and Spain are also now seeking Mr. Keenan’s help.  A representative from South Korea has been here with us in Jakarta, regarding future handling of Global Account assets in that country.

Having been in Jakarta for many days now, working with Neil Keenan and his allies as this great action moves forward, I can tell you he is determined not to be one of those who is constantly posting teaser updates about imminent events.  When Neil has something to say, it will be about hard news and real actions.

It is easy to get impatient sitting by one’s computer, waiting for the great shift to happen.  I know, as for the last two years I spent many hours doing just that, as I studied the history and the issues, and took the first steps on the strange path that led me to Jakarta.  It is even easier (perhaps) to play arm-chair general, and eagerly pass on second-hand information from third-hand buddies with unidentified sources who quote secret contacts who are in touch with even more secret contacts who know things that only God and the saints have whispered to them alone.  We all know that the web is buzzing with such dubious reports.  Some of it may be malicious.  Some of it may be deliberate disinformation from the opposition.  I suspect that most of it is from well-meaning people who are desperately trying to keep hope alive, and to play what part they can.

It is a very different thing to be here on the ground, dealing with a thousand obstacles and issues (not the least of which are Jakarta traffic jams), witnessing first-hand what Neil Keenan’s ceaseless battle has been like these last few years.  I can tell you that he has been offered many tempting and seemingly easy ways out since this began.  Massive bribes, tainted funding, compromised allies…he could have taken these roads easily a long time ago. But fortunately for all of us, he happens to be exactly the blend of tough fighter, straight shooter, and instinctively compassionate guy needed at this time – a man whose sense of fair play has been deeply offended by what he’s learned of the oligarchy’s crimes in regard to the Accounts, and who is as appalled as any of us regarding the cabal’s depopulation agenda.  “Sure, I could walk away,” he told me recently, “but what’s the point if we all end up dead from these people?”

The delay since Christmas was necessary in order to proceed in the right way – a way forward that would not simply put in place a new set of greedy overlords.  A key ally on the ground in Indonesia – someone trusted by the Elders and loyal to Mr. Keenan – had been trapped by certain persons who were trying to steal some of the assets in the Accounts, and was set up to be falsely charged for his legitimate custodianship of certain notes.  The right way forward that Neil had fought to create has been blocked for many months until Mr. Martha Wibawa (known as “Nelu”) could be freed.  Loyalty both to his friend Nelu, and to the integrity of the Accounts, required that Neil work to free Nelu, and to see that the truth was told in court regarding the entrapment and attempted theft.

I was present in court with Neil Keenan on March 7th here in Jakarta as Nelu’s final sentencing hearing began, with Keenan’s strong statement in defense of Nelu having been translated into Bahasa Indonesian and submitted to the panel of three judges hearing the case.   The judges gave every appearance of careful and compassionate wisdom in their treatment of the case as Nelu calmly and with great concentration read aloud his prepared statement describing his role and actions regarding the notes he had been carrying.  At one point he was overcome by emotion and had to pause to compose himself as his young wife quietly sobbed a few feet away as he told his story.  Keenan’s statement described Nelu as a modest young man sincerely motivated by love of family and country, and it would seem that the judges perceive this as well.  As Nelu’s testimony ended, Mr. Keenan was like a restless horse at my side in his eagerness to make his own statement for the court.

At which point the hearing abruptly ended, as the chief judge gently tapped his gavel and rose to leave, with the hearing suddenly given a continuance until the following week.

Neil Keenan, as you may have heard and as I can testify, is not afraid to let his Irish temper loose when the occasion warrants it.  Two of the judges had left quickly, but Neil rose to give the third judge a piece of his mind.  I confess I was wincing in apprehension as our Celtic Tiger began to roar, but the judge seemed open to hearing what Neil was saying (well, to be honest, he was yelling, but just shy of what you might call “disturbing the peace.”).  Keenan knew, however, that the crux of the case rested on the legitimacy of the notes in question, and that the judges needed to know­­ (as indeed the world needs to know) how governments and banks allied with the cabal have played fast and loose with the Accounts for decades, seizing legitimate notes via false claims of counterfeiting, in order to then destroy them so as to avoid paying the required interest owed.

We have since learned that at the final hearing on March 13th Neil Keenan will be given a chance to speak, and we understand that a decision will be announced regarding our friend Nelu.  The prayers of all those who want to see the wealth of the world begin to benefit the people of the world will be needed, as we look hopefully for a positive outcome, which we will quickly share with you as it occurs.

Meantime, other global pieces continue to fall into place.  Here in Jakarta, I will do my best to tell you only what I have seen with my own eyes. No second hand “intel,” no spicy rumors – just the day’s events, as we fight for the dreams of 2012 here in the hard reality of 2013.

–    Michael Henry Dunn

Neil (left) Michael (right)

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