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Michael Talbot – Holographic Universe (WorkShop) – 11 April 2013

Uploaded  on 5 November 2011 by sirianfreeman2 Michael Talbot. Holographic Universe (WorkShop) 9-14-1991

Michael Talbot – Synchronicity And The Holographic Universe – 24 June 2012

This fascinating interview with Michael Talbot can be enjoyed in short version (27:00 min) on YouTube below, or you can listen to the entire show at the link below. Let me add if this subject fascinates your curiosity then you can actually experience the holographic universe by learning to how live in the quantum vortex and learning how to source your Oversoul’s presence that lives in all time, all space in the Highest dimensions in the pool of Source Light, the Godhead…whatever you term the consciousness of the Divine Mother/Father. Continue reading