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Lisa Gawlas – Midwifing Each Other Thru The Great Expanse! – 18 December 2014

In the middle of the night the moon creates a glow. Forever expanding upon the sea that is its home. In the depths of space and time it stands still. A bath of color explodes around the moon. Sending chills and shock waves through time. A new life, a new era is born. By: emoryu21 (cloci image to go to their art page.)

One thing became ever evident yesterday, my feeling zone, that place called the solar plexus, OMG talk about overdrive!!  The first phone call I had yesterday morning was with my son and the more we talked about christmas and our time together and my grandson, I swear to god, my whole energy system became like fireworks leaping out of every pore of my skin.  I could feel it and see it happening.  We got so giddy like two little school kids who could not just stop giggling together.  Thru it all, it was if my team pointed its finger at the energy and said “this is where creation is formed.”   Granted, you don’t have to break down into a giddy child like mentality, but the freakin joy, the excitement…  Even with that, I hear my team continue on to say, that is where the universe shows up to not only create the energy into solid form, but witness the experience of it all with you and thru you too!! Continue reading