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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 24 August 2012

(Lucas : Discern yourselves. Not everything you read, see or hear is the truth, your truth or can be a distorted truth or even a blatant lie. You need see what your truth is. Do not give your own sovereign rights and free will away. Remember, you are the one in the end who is only responsible for his or her actions and decisions.)
The period you are in now is a bit like the calm before the storm, as in reality you know only a little about what is really happening. Yet our activities are putting the pressure on those who need to step aside, to allow the New Age to commence. Either they move or we will do it for our Allies, and that will result in a great deal of happenings that will finally hit the media. It will be what you have been expecting and will gather pace very quickly. Even so it will take some weeks before the remnants of the old paradigm can be removed, and thus allow the introduction of that which is to replace it. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 22 August 2012

(Lucas: Discern yourselves, as not everything maybe your truth, the truth, or is even a distorted truth or even a blatant lie. Keep in mind people can have hidden agendas or are influenced or manipulated or corrupted themselves knowingly or unknowingly. You need to discern and make up what is your truth. )

You can be sure that there is nothing to worry about where the dark Ones are concerned, because we have aborted many of their attempts to cause trouble. We have contained their activities for some time now and intend to keep doing so. They are staring into the abyss of oblivion and there is no escape for them. Their empire is slowly crumbling and there is no way back for them. We do however closely monitor some individuals who of their own accord still exercise authority over their minions. On all fronts our allies are making good progress, and many issues could well be finalized by the end of this month. Meanwhile you are awakening at much quicker pace, and your awareness is another reason that the Light is ever increasing in its power. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 20 August 2012

(Discern Yourselves! It might not be your truth, a distorted truth, the only truth or even a blatant lie. You need to discern what is your truth.)

For you the greatest discovery is that your consciousness levels have risen quite considerably in the last few years. Knowledge is useful but not in itself your passport to Ascension. Through living the highest concept you have of yourself, you are setting your goals to become that which is your destiny. You are also helping raise the levels of the Mass Consciousness, and that attracts even more souls so that in the end a large number of you ascend. You will also find that you can rise above the pull or attraction of the lower energies. They are no longer part of you when you seek a higher expression of yourself. What did satisfy you in this lifetime is no longer necessarily fulfilling, as you have become more sensitive to that which is creating discord or discontent. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 17 August 2012

(Lucas :  Discern yourselves in everything your hear, see and read as it might not be  the truth, the whole truth, your truth, a distorted truth or even a blatant lie. You need to decide what is your truth.)

You will know that for a long time we have been working on various issues that have held up progress. Perhaps even we have underestimated how difficult some have been, but we now see that our allies are on the verge of making a sudden breakthrough. We will refrain from being too precise but this time events will be too big to hide away, and the media will be unable to continue ignoring them. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 15 August 2012

(Lucas : Discern yourselves in everything your read, see and hear. It might not be the whole truth, your truth or even a distorted truth or even a blatant lie. You have to discern in everything and see if it is your truth.)

We are entering the closing stages of the preparations for Ascension, and that requires a great deal of co-operation from our Allies. To dismantle the web of corruption, and the corporations that have been empowered by the Illuminati, has been a mammoth task and is still proceeding. Bear in mind that the plan of the dark Ones was established over 200 years ago, and its tentacles have penetrated almost every facet of your existence. Like a cancer it has quickly spread until it has become difficult to completely eliminate, but we have been able to bring it to a halt. Our allies have been using the very circumstances that the dark Ones have created, to turn it in upon themselves and have seriously weakened their power structure. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 13 Agust 2012

(Discern yourselves!)

The Olympics have closed without any incident although the dark Ones had other ideas. A great spectacle that proved to be an occasion when nations were brought together, has bonded people and proved that as a species you can live side by side in peace. The positive energy generated has linked with the Light all around the world, and moved you another step forward nearer to Ascension. With a period of intense Light about to commence, it will build upon what already exists and your levels of consciousness will noticeably expand. Dear Ones you are clearly on the way to Ascension and the only person who can stop your progress is you. As you are becoming immune to the lower energies, we see a glorious path ahead taking you straight to the next dimension. There is no reason to look back as there is so much to look forward to.  Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 10 August 2012

(Lucas : Discernment : Discern youselves as not all told, heard, written and shown, is your truth, it can be a half-truth, a distorted truth and or plain disinformation. This moving times in radio shows, audio, videos, articles and channelings a lot is said that you need to always question before taken it for truth, even that what I say of course.)

The energies around you are speeding to new heights, and those of you that are sensitive to them will feel a great upliftment. It will continue all the way to Ascension, by which time you will be fully ready to ascend. The incredible journey you have made through duality with hundreds of lives is about to come to a conclusion. Every soul is being given the opportunity to leave it behind, and it is preferable to have prepared yourself for Ascension. Many have led their lives with a good intentions to others, and often described as having hearts of gold. They too will be lifted up as Ascension has nothing directly to do with religion, although some devout souls will be of a godly demeanor. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 8 August 2012

We wish to make this special message in view of the amount of publicity that is associated with the Olympic Games, and the possibility of Disclosure. It is creating an enormous amount of goodwill by bringing the people together as never before. The benefits ripple out all across the world and help overcome the prejudice created and played upon by the dark Ones. People power is as relevant as ever if not more so, as you are awakening to your real potential as the powerful Beings you really are. What you focus upon is where you place your energy, and you are winning the battle for the Light in this way. Keep away from the negative messages and do not let them pull you down.  Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 6 August 2012

The legacy that the dark Ones left in place still creates trouble for you. Actions they set in motion a long time ago still make progress, but no longer have the power or impetus to carry them through. Their greatest drawback has been where their military ambitions were concerned, and we have permanently disabled nuclear weapons which they will be prevented from using. The financial wing of the cabal has also fallen apart, and it will not be allowed to be resurrected in its old format. In fact as fast as they plug one hole another appears elsewhere, and in the end a new system will be the only answer. As the old one falls apart so it is revealing the extent of malpractice and corruption that has taken place for a very long time. So do not worry about the continuing problems, because at a future date not so very far away it will change for the better. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 3 August 2012

(Lucas:  I will put a discern yourselves notice random to channelings as it is important to turn first inside to know from within what is true of not to you. Do not take things even seemingly trustworthy to you for granted!)

There are as usual mixed messages going around, but they are of a far more positive nature and it is in those you that you should place your confidence and your energy. The problem that still exists is that some people still resurrect the old prophesies, not realizing that times have moved on. Had you not lifted up your vibrations, they may well have still been valid. It is not to say that all old ones are invalid but you should look for your information from current day prophesies. Even so you need to be aware of disinformation, and if any message does radiate Love and Light then it should set aside. The same could be said of those messages that concentrate on possible catastrophes, without balancing them with a positive outcome. Continue reading