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Montague Keen (7th April) – 10 April 2013

montague-keen( Lucas: Montague was posted very late.  normally  it is  posted on Sunday evenings. Therefore it is posted now!)

So many of you are feeling burdened and confused by emotions. Complete exhaustion descends without warning, with waves of heat spreading throughout the body and so much more. These symptoms are all part of the transition. Your bodies are adjusting to the new energies that are flowing in. Though some of these experiences are disturbing, just go with them. Know that the end result is what you have been waiting for. The blockages that were used to keep you under control, and compliant, are being removed. This cannot be done quickly. It would be too much for you to cope with. Know that these disturbances lead to freedom, peace and love, as well as the removal of the Dark Forces. Continue reading