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Montague Keen – 9 April 2012

In this time of great change, it is important that you are ready to move to a higher state of consciousness. You need to be in tune with who you are. In your hearts, you have all the information necessary. You carry it through from all the lives you have lived. Learn to connect with this. Use whichever method suits you. Release all the third dimensional thinking, it is time to rise above it. Consciously forgive all those who have hurt you and all those who try to keep you in a prison state. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 5 February 2012

I enjoyed our little gathering last evening. It is good to be able to communicate with you and our friends. I am still such a big part of your life, my dear. People do not die when they live on in the hearts of those who have loved them. My birthday cake, though it was a little premature, was lovely and enjoyed by all. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 18 September 2011

Greetings, my dear. This has been a week when you have seen information released that you never expected to see in your lifetime. Those people who professed to be of the Light while collaborating with the Dark Entities to gain control of humanity, have been exposed. They have nowhere to hide. They now feel the hand of justice on their shoulder; they will answer for their crimes. Their removal from the scene will take a little longer but it will happen, as sure as night follows day. Their crimes against innocent children are the most difficult to deal with. They preached love, but delivered the most evil control system which was all based on lies. Their lies controlled every aspect of your lives. You were even programmed to expect to die at a particular age. The vaccines were laced with strains of virus to ensure you became ill with cancer or other serious illness; some people reacted differently, but it ensured the ill health that would create great profits plus your demise. Everything was stacked up against you: contaminated food, etc., to remove you from the planet. Sadly, you were taught to trust implicitly those who were destroying you.

They feed off your fear; they thrive on it. This is why you are constantly being told who you must fear. It’s all well planned out. They have a list of potential “enemies”. Discussions are happening right now as to when to go ahead with Project Bluebeam *). They plan to use their own “space ships” to pretend that aliens are threatening you. They do not care how many die in the process. It will be used to extract yet more taxes and impose more control. This is where people of the light, who are awake to what is being done, should speak out. Assure others that this is part of a big hoax. It’s all an illusion. They are running out of money. They are squeezing countries for more and more as they are losing control of the financial system which they fraudulently put in place, many years ago. The new system is almost ready to be unveiled. This will, of course, be a temporary measure, until money can be fazed out altogether and you return once more to a method of bartering, as happened in ancient times. It was very successful. It never caused war or famine. There was plenty for all.

You will become aware of huge waves of love. You know that the Cabal do not ‘do’ love. They will try to destroy it, they cannot cope with the good energy of love. We have talked of the three days when it’s best to sleep, and so allow us to do what has to be done to remove the illusion that you now call “life”. You have nothing to fear, you are just stepping out of the prison that has kept you under their control. The changes that will naturally happen to planet Earth: the removal through earthquakes, etc., of several parts of the Earth, is necessary, as they have become so corrupt that they cannot be redeemed.

People will be removed in three waves: the people who will leave Earth in the first wave have already agreed to this; they are evolved, and will set up centres to receive the second and third waves of people. Those who remain on the surface of Earth are those who are so locked into the fear and control of the Cabal that they stay to become their slaves. Many of your young people chose to be on Earth at this time to use their pure energy to assist others to go forward. Quite a few of you have experienced the head spinning, plus strange sensations in the body that are used to restore your DNA and help to prepare you for full consciousness. This has been a work in progress for a long time, but the time is right, now, to make the shift. Please ensure that you have sufficient food stored, so that during the Transition, when supplies cannot be delivered or produced, that you have stored enough to sustain yourself. Water is important, plus all the basic necessities of life. Candles are essential also. There is absolutely nothing to fear, see it as a great adventure. Planet Earth is going through a massive change that will remove all who should not be there. Earth will once more take her place in the universe. It will be very exciting for all those who studied other planets, crop circles, UFOs, etc. John Mack is incredibly excited. We have worked hard to bring this about. When the energy changes – it is happening even as we write – we will be able to show ourselves, though some may view this prospect with alarm ! We are among you much more than you realise. I know you know, my dear, as I continue to make my presence known to you and our guests – much to their surprise, sometimes.

Keep your spirits up. You have much to look forward to. To all the countries which are worried about repaying the debt that was imposed on them: it was a scam that should never have happened. You were not dealing with honest people. I would like to take this opportunity to assure them that all debt will be wiped out when the new system comes in. You have only a few weeks to wait. Their days are numbered. It is time for them to bow out, to return all they have dishonestly taken from you. This is the time when men of integrity such as Mr Enda Kenny (Ireland), must step forward to guide the way to honest politics. He is much admired and appreciated on both sides of life. A man you can trust. The restoration of Ireland – its true history – is a priority. It is only then that Man will fully understand the enormity of the deception perpetrated on all mankind. When I first passed to Spirit and I saw all this for the first time, I asked you to study ancient Ireland. You could hardly believe what you were uncovering. The whole course of history was changed for profit and control. They believed that they had destroyed the evidence. They cannot hide from Spirit. We have access to everything, we cannot be silenced.

Do please take time to take care of yourself, for me. Your adoring husband, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

* Although we respect Montague’s Keen’s opinion, we would like to remind our readers that the contacts of practically all our other channelers have reassured us that no staged alien invasion will be allowed by the Galactic Federation:October 10, 2010: Hatonn, through Suzy Ward:
“Also I want to debunk the warning that aliens posing as friends really are base entities who want to take over your world. Hogwash! The light grid around the planet prevents any civilization with dark intentions from being anywhere near Earth. And if the bad guys try to put their own “secret” craft in the skies and bring out some of the Greys living underground and claim it’s an invasion, we can stop that charade before it gets going.”

September 14, 2010: The Sirians, through Sheldan Nidle:
“Concerning the intentions of the dark ones, they have been told repeatedly that nuclear destruction is not an option; neither is the ploy of a false space-invasion display, which they have attempted to stage repeatedly.”

October 12, 2010: The Federation of Light, through Blossom Goodchild:
Blossom: There seems to be a lot of fear mongering being spread (so what’s new?) regarding the darker forces of earth ‘staging’ an alien invasion..
The Federation of Light: “How could it be dear ones, with all this talk of Ascension, with the promises we have made you, that an invasion is to take place?”

December 7, 2009: SaLuSa, through Mike Quinsey:
“We are currently preventing the staging of an incident that was intended to discredit our name.”

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Montague Keen – 28 August, 2011

Montague Keen – August 28, 2011.via Galacticchannelings.com

What a splendid week you have had ! What you have put in motion will exceed your expectations. This is real team-work. We, on this side of life, are guiding every step. We are bringing the right people forward, who will take the necessary steps to enable the Transition to happen smoothly. Connections are being made even as we write. This last stage of events exposes all that was evil and corrupt. This cannot, and will not, be prevented. It takes courage to lay bare, institutions that were once revered. The Evil Ones are continuing to destroy the lives of those they swore to defend and protect when they took office. Nature is so often blamed, when Nature bears no guilt for such destruction. The desired results of such, are, as always, fear and control.

It is now time for quiet: time to enter soul time. This allows us, in Spirit, to directly communicate with each of you. You do not want outside distractions to prevent the connection. This will enable you to reconnect with Spirit; to allow Spirit to guide you forward to become the beautiful Beings of Light that you are. You have come a long way on this journey out of the darkness that had engulfed you and controlled the Earth. You will, once more, know who you are, and why you are on Earth at this time. You have come through so much already. You are almost there.

The changes that are happening are above and beyond anything you can imagine. The knowledge, the suppressed information, will be returned to you. Then you will see and understand why you chose to return to Earth, to rescue it from the destruction planned by the Dark Cabal. We are preventing them from leaving Planet Earth: they must face the consequences of their dastardly actions, such as the suppression of human beings; making your planet a prison; and making slaves of humanity. The law of karma will apply to all, irrespective of position or power. Everyone will answer for his deeds. All that was stolen will be returned, to people as well as to countries. It will take much courage to step away from the killings and plundering that have come to be “accepted”. See beyond the lies that you were told as reasons why you “must assist”. Ask, how can the complete destruction of countries and the needless killing of innocents be of assistance to anyone? It is wanton destruction for commercial gain. It cannot be dressed up in any other way. Truth is truth !

Religions have much to answer for: they destroyed the innocence of children and left them scarred for life. They interfered with the minds, and they tried to destroy the souls, of those who innocently believed and accepted their corrupt teachings. They acquired such control by setting fire to innocent children, thus forcing the parents to accept their teachings. The indigenous peoples all over your world faced such barbarity. They, too, succumbed to protect their children. They were ruled by fear of damnation; by hell-fire for all eternity – the God of Love had no hand in this. They Evil Ones lived in opulence and grandeur, while many starved; and though the people were starving and homeless, they were still expected to support the corrupt regime.

It has been our mission to remove such corruption. Every negative act serves to damage you and your planet. You will rise above all thoughts of revenge, anger and hate. These thoughts would only hamper your journey to the Light. In the silence, feel the love we surround your lives with. Connect with us, we will be there for you. The history of this time will be taught for generations to come. Each one of you has a special part to play in it. As actors on the stage of life, you will support each other. Let the love of humanity be expressed in every word you utter. You must learn to love your fellow human beings before you can love your Creator. Connect with your guardian angels for guidance; you each have one, waiting to serve and assist you on your journey. The Greats of the Past have returned to stand alongside you and take their rightful part in the return of the Light. They were banished, so that the corrupt regimes could take over. But justice has prevailed, and they have returned to recover and reclaim all that was removed and hidden. We can see the full picture and the final result is beyond your imagination. It will be done in the name of Love. We have left no stone unturned. This is the will of the God of Love. Goddess Energy returns to your Planet bringing justice for all. The knowledge of the ancient druids will be recovered and our two worlds will take their place in the Universe, once more.

People are recognising the light in others; they want to connect with it. Be open at all times, to give assistance, where necessary, to those who need help to come to terms with the truth. There are those who are ready to rescue your countries from destruction. They will come forward to guide you. Though some may look the same, they are actually clones.

Banking is being dealt with: this is in progress. All will be revealed quite soon. This will alter everything. It was our first priority. There are many who desperately try to prevent the inevitable and they come in many guises. Be alert ! Trust your instinct on this, it will not let you down. Together, we follow the path that leads to truth, harmony, peace, and love for all mankind. You do not walk this path alone.

You are being asked “Who is this Montague Keen?” Well, my dear, you alone knew my essence: the being behind the name, who struggled on Earth, just like many of you today. My mission was to learn first-hand, exactly what we were up against. Then, to return to Spirit, to ensure that the Transition happens as smoothly as possible. I wish to thank all those, who, through their efforts, are making this possible.

The Earth Energy is dense. This creates tiredness, even exhaustion. Go with it, do not fight it. It is important to rest and connect. Rest in quiet contemplation, whenever possible. Everything is falling into place as planned.

Your adoring, Monty.

Montague Keen: You Will See Many Changes for the Better in August | The 2012 Scenario


Montague Keen: You Will See Many Changes for the Better in August | The 2012 Scenario.

Via SteveBeckow.com