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Anrita Melchizedek – Monthly Transmission – The Elders – The Cosmic Fire Of Manifestation – 9 June 2013


AnritaMelchizedekThe Cosmic Fire of Manifestation

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, in this magical month of June. Indeed, sweet ones, there is a shift occurring at this time for all of you as you step into receiving a greater sense and knowing of Divine Love and a deeper integration of your Beloved I AM Presence. Take a moment now to feel this Love of Mother/Father God, of your Beloved I AM Presence, and the Legions of Light from On High. Allow this beautiful Flame of Divine Love to engulf you, as you come deep within your heart. Visualize now this beautiful diamond, white and golden Light, expanding from your heart now, moving into each one of the chakras ~ engulfing you in the magnificence of your own Light through the center of Divine Love, the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. As the sub-atomic particles within the body spin in increased Light frequencies now, you have a deeper sense of your purpose and your passion, letting go of your worries and stresses and just experiencing the stillness, and peace. Continue reading