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The Times Of India – Morgan Stanley Considers Shutting Offices, Cutting Staff : Sources – 9 August 2012

NEW YORK: Morgan Stanley under fire to boost profit margins in its retail brokerage arm, is considering closing brokerage offices, laying off support staff and requiring some branch managers also to generate revenue as advisers under a cost-cutting drive, three people briefed on internal discussions said. Continue reading


Eric Platt And Mamta Badkar – Business Insider – Stocks Collapse: Here’s What You Need To Know – 21 June 2012

Eric Platt And Mamta Badkar – Business Insider

Markets plunged ahead of Moody’s expected downgrade of the banking sector.
But first, the scoreboard:
Dow: 12,573.57, -250.8, -1.96%
Nasdaq: 2,859.09, -71.3, -2.44%
S&P 500: 1,325.51, -30.1, -2.23%

Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Morgan Stanley Bonds Trade At Junk Pricing, Downgrades Coming; Will Morgan Stanley Survice? Top 5 Banks Collectively Have 45:1 Leverage – 2 June 2012

Morgan Stanley’s corporate borrowing costs are already way higher than Goldman Sachs and more downgrades are likely in the works.
The Fiscal Times explains How Morgan Stanley sank to junk pricing

The bond markets are treating Morgan Stanley like a junk-rated company, and the investment bank’s higher borrowing costs could already be putting it at a disadvantage even before an expected ratings downgrade this month. Continue reading

Morgan Stanley at the Brink of Collapse got 107 Billion from FED

Morgan Stanley at the Brink of Collapse got 107 Billion from FED

via Bloomberg.com by Bradley Keoun