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AmericanKabuki – Morroco Diary 5# – 5 March 2014

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-fBy American Kabuki
Its now March and the winds are truly roaring in like a lion in Northern Morocco. One day it comes from desert, another it comes from the sea. Change is in the wind, in the world at large and in me personally. The powers-that-were invented the Ukraine crisis 15 years ago while Gorbachev was still in power. Russia, the USA, Europe, China and Turkey have long known the roles they were supposed to play in this careful planned out drama before it ever began. The attempts to start a World War in Iran, Syria, Venezuela and other regions have failed and Ukraine is the next custom-off-the-shelf crisis to hit the press and intelligence agency agendas of distraction. It was all carefully war-gamed and financed. The systems have failed, and now crumble. The Humpty Dumpty of central banking will never every rule this planet again. And a year from now you will have forgotten about the Ukraine like you have already forgotten about the other distractions of Iran and Syria.