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Moscow, Paris, Berlin Want More OSCE Observers In E.Ukraine – Russia’s Rep – 6 March 2015

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A follow-up meeting on the Minsk accords has urged to boost the number of OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine and prolong their mission, said Grigory Karasin, Russia’s deputy foreign minister. Kiev’s idea of sending peacekeepers did not gain much support.

Ukraine’s authorities often cannot deliver on what was agreed in Minsk,” Karasin said after the meeting. “We are worried that the launch of the political process is being delayed, while the social and economic conditions deteriorate.

We’d like much quicker progress,” he added.

Karasin was speaking after the meeting of the representatives of the ‘Normandy Four’ group – Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, which took place in Berlin on Friday. Conducted at the level of top diplomats, the forum is referred to as the contact group.

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John Ward – Cyprus : Shock For Brussels & Troika As Putin Bids To Create Another Cuba – 21 June 2012

Cypriots close to sealing €5bn loan from Moscow

One of the problems of having your head up your backside, examining the  internal view of your navel, is that the field of vision is extremely restricted. Frau Merkel having done it again yesterday afternoon (“I never agreed to that, it’s just a theory”), things go from bad to worse as ClubMed picks up the tab for multivariate greed, and the blindness of the eurozone’s founders. Continue reading

UFO Report – Moscow, Russia – Birulevo-Zapadnoe – 29th Jan. 2012 – 31 January 2012

Uploaded by Sergey Plotkin on YouTube 29th Jan. 2012 filmed that day 22:53.

Glowing Triangle UFO Over Moscow, Russia, 7 September 2011

Multiple UFOs in Moscow on july 16 2011