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TheAustralian – Most Jobseekers Are To Be Required To Work For The Dole – 27 July 2014

The Australian

( Lucas : a wider and wider spreading disease is governments over the world compulsory letting people work for benefits… that are just for the reason of not having an income out of work or self-employment instated in the first place. It is in violation of Human Rights and is in violation of constitutions all over… as this last resort net of having an income to cover your basics is now abused to make you work in slave labor not being paid minimum wage. The cover for this so called compulsory work is said to be in community jobs, but as seen in other countries, more and more the so-called community volunteers are taken over by those in slave labor for benefits. It even spreads into the normal business and job markets  as these new job slaves are used into positions where someone could be working for normal minimum wage pay.  See it for what it is… it is not normal…. it is also creating a new so-called easy to abuse lower subclass without rights as not complying will be punished with taking away your lawful and constitutional rights to benefits/dole. It is whatever way you look at it forced slave labor.)

ALMOST all jobseekers will be required to work for the dole under tough new federal government rules expanding the scheme.

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