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Bill Ballard – Couple Of New Videos And His New E-Book – 20 June 2012

Hey Peeps,

Energies have really gone up a notch or ten this past week. ha ha, got to love it.
Hang on to your hearts because it will only increase in the future!
What a fantastic ride we are on! Continue reading


Bill Ballard – StarKnowledge Gathering – Venus Transit At Mount Shasta – 9 June 2012

Uploaded on 9 June 2012 by .

My first video since the gathering of the Light Masters at the StarKnowledge Venus Transit at Mt Shasta. I thank everyone who came and participated. LOVE!

Bill Ballard – Mount Shasta – Venus Transit – The Time Is Now To Chose If You Wanna Go For 5D positive Timeline Or Not – 31 May 2012

Im heading to Shasta with so many others for the Venus Transit. Many of us know and are openly stating the 5D energies are here now. No need to wait until June 21 for focusing together on Manifesting New 5D Earth. The time is NOW! Please share this info with everyone you know. The Venus transit will be a choice for all of humanity of the timelines we will collectively experience. This is one of the Most Holy times ever on Earth… Please join in with your focused intent!

It is very interesting how my lightbody was bending the light in this video. Notice how the LIGHT comes around the throat chakra and then bends around and radiates all over my shirt. Very cool as it happens as the power of the words were coming through as I spoke. That is a divine sync! I could not have planned or even set up that one! Continue reading

Lucas – A New Begin – Activation – The Eclipse And Alignment Of 20 May 2012 – 21 May 2012

A grand solar eclipse and alignment with the Pleiades did give us the new energies to bring forward our and Earth’s ascension.  As our chakra’s need to be opened and activated so have the  Earth’s  chakra’s  too.

The seven  Earth’s chakra’s are :

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Laura Bruno – Divine Feminine, Dark Goddess And The May 20 2012 Eclipse – 19 May 2012

These topics keep arising in sessions with clients, my own mini-downloads, and also during last night’s Raph (aka Archangel Raphael) Channeling Event in Madison, so I thought I’d share them here.

You can find loads of information about the May 20th Annular Eclipse, as people in all walks of life are writing about it and honoring it in various ways. The direct path of the eclipse runs from Mt. Fuji in Japan to Mt. Shasta in the US, with a pass over Pyramid Lake, near Reno, NV. People in these and other places are performing activations, meditations and rituals to honor the passing of the Moon in front of the Sun. This type of eclipse does not completely block out the Sun; rather, the darkness that covers the Sun becomes haloed by a “Ring of Fire.” Continue reading