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Lucas – Moving Towards A New Energetic Vibrational Frequency Reality – 3 August 2013

Drum_vibration_mode03(Picture Oleg Alexandrov)

From my observation post I express my view of all just being a level  of vibrational energy frequency. This makes the universe, multiverse and our reality in the present perceived at the level of your own energetic vibrational frequency as well as at that level of the collective energetic vibrational frequency.  There are many (I like the term not invented by me) : partners in contrast, that try to distort still reality on the levels they can.  But the success factor is losing out as the vibrational frequency energies to level up humanity’s and earth’s vibrational frequency are coming in in waves to make things shift in the inner space of you faster.  It is difficult to make things explained if we still are using words and language that is already in many ways a distorted and divisional tool. Therefore it is just the best for now I can do. Continue reading