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Drake’s Update – 7 June 2012

The show  posted on the Global Voices Radio spreaker.com network just have been recording 7+ minutes at the end of the show (http://www.spreaker.com/user/4664624) . So the show of last night 6th June 2012 are not available in full. The Truthfinder network website (http://truthfindersnetwork.com) has also not the radioshow online.  They hopefully got the whole recording as it was recorded simultaneous broadcasted here.  But for now I can not give you the info. Keep your eyes open if you see a link to the full show and inform me.

“Drake” On Wolf Spirit Radio – 6 May 2012

The 2 parts MP3 of the radioshow of 6 May 2012 on Wolf  Spirit Radio With Drake, Deatra and Bill Wood also pops in short are to download on


This is the link to the archive link to archive Wolf Spirit Radio

Download 2012-05-06B-FR-WSR-with-Deatra-and-Drake-part2.mp3
Download 2012-05-06A-FR-WSR-with-Deatra-and-Drake-part1.mp3

Kauilapele – Benjamin Fulford On Workers Radio Sydney From Febr. 29th 2012 Including Links To Mp3 And Videos – 4 March 2012

Benjamin Fulford is a journalist living in Japan is interviewed by WorkersRadioSydney 88.9fm in Australia by Host Jack Frost and ChrispyT (love the names!). Found this at RMN. The videos links are below (each opens in a new tab or window; and each has some neat cartoon and other pictures), followed by list of the mp3s created from them. I found this, as usual with Ben, a fascinating listen. He speaks of many things, in particular, the role of Prince Harry in the new financial scheme of things. Continue reading