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Suzanne Lie – Mytria/Mytre – Mind Over Matter – 26 June 2012

When I had to choose between my family and my duty, the answer was simple. I chose my family.
However, Mytria urged me to go, to do my duty, to help make our world safe for our daughter. In the moment that I paused in making my decision, I was swept away and so was my family. I was desolate. How could I have let that happen? Why had I made her come back to the Village? Why didn’t I pull away from my Commander and run towards my family? Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytria/Mytre – The Birth – 25 June 2012

for Part I and Part II of
Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension
The Birth
MYTRE SPEAKS: Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytre/Mytria – The Story Continous With Mytre – Recognition – 28 May 2012

“Where have your been?” I spoke gruffly, perhaps to cover up the intensity of emotion that I felt at her very touch. “Your friends are concerned for you and sent me to find you.” I said in a softer voice.
“How do you know that I am the one you seek?” she replied with a resonance in her voice that instantly calmed my demeanor. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytria/Mytre : Mytria Continues – The Cave – 26 May 2012


I am embarrassed to say that I vividly remembered the feeling of the merging with the male etheric form to the tiniest detail, but I could not remember my personal message from The Arcturian. Was I that desperate for love that I would disrespect the message that was given me directly from an Arcturian? Fortunately, I did not ponder that question when I first awoke. I was too weak. My etheric form had stayed out of my body for too long, and my body was going into shock. Continue reading