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Nancy Pelosi – Nancy Pelosi: What Difference Does It Make What Was In The Spending Deal? – 21 October 2013

Freedom Outpost

It seems that the question “What difference does it make?” continues to be touted by radical socialist Democrats. First it was former State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as she became flustered during questioning about Benghazi. Just days ago, following the spending bill that screwed over the American taxpayer for political expediency, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked “What difference does it make” what was in the spending bill?

Pelosi addressed reporters during a weekly press briefing on Thursday to discuss the last minute deal, which ignores spending caps mandated by the sequester and included several appropriations that have caused many eyebrows to be raised.

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Deal reached to end debt crisis

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Barack Obama announces Democrat and Republican leaders have reached an agreement to reduce the US deficit and avoid default.

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