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Natalie Glasson -Christ Consciousness Mirror Of Unconditional Love – Jesus – 13 February 2012

I step forward to you now with tremendous love, I am Master Jesus. It is always an honour to share wisdom and to communicate directly with your soul. I send shimmering golden Christ Consciousness to surround you and to magnify your energies. On this day there is a greater magnification of the energy of the Creator within you, it is a most sacred day which is a part of your spiritual evolution.

At this time there is a need to constantly focus upon magnifying your energies as well as knowing every aspect of your being thoroughly. Are you aware of all the energies that you create and that vibrate as your being? In truth when upon the Earth it is more difficult to be so fully aware but I wish to point out to you there is a need to be more aware and consciousness of the energy that composes your entire being as you sit in this current moment. If you are aware of your own energy and vibrations you are aware of your energetic strengths as well as your energetic repetitive habits. You are now transforming with every single day so it is essential to remain focused and aware of your own energies, this way you are aware of the energies you wish the Creator to magnify. Continue reading