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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Natural News Declares 2015 The “Year of Self-Reliance” – 2 January 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Here at Natural News, we’re declaring 2015 to be the “Year of Self-Reliance.”

This is a year in which we’re going to be focused on bringing you the news and practical skills that help you become more self-reliant, prepared for the unexpected and more independent from all the systems that we now take for granted: food, water, medicine, finances, community safety and more.

All those systems, you see, are already in the process of crumbling. 2015 is a year in which the slow collapse that has already begun all around us will accelerate. If you don’t yet believe the slow collapse has begun, consider some of what happened in 2014:

• The federal government has approved the institutional looting of most pension funds nationwide. Many pension checks for government retirees will now begin to dwindle year after year. Continue reading