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Neale Donald Walsch – Embrace What You Have Discovered – 13 October 2013

neale_donald_walschMy dear friends…

Last week in this space we spoke about how the opinions and observations of us offered by others can “run” our life, actually creating, in a way, our experience of ourselves. I talked about how this happened to me…and about how, finally, I broke out of that trap through deep personal exploration. Continue reading


Neale Donald Walsch – Living Out Other People’s Beliefs – 23 August 2013

neale_donald_walschMy dear friends,

Last week in this space I told you about how a wonderful teacher of mine, Terry Cole-Whittaker, once helped me understand what my resistance was to embracing a new truth, my own truth, about something.

“Who would you have to ‘make wrong’ in order to accept what you know to be true inside of you?” she asked. In one case it was my father. In another case, it was my mother. In still another case it was my favorite childhood teacher. Rather than make them “wrong,” I held onto their truth, clung to their story, and made it real. Continue reading

Neale Donald Walsch – Events and Experience Are Not The Same – 24 December 2012

neale_donald_walsch_1My dear friends…

Last week in this space I mentioned that all of us are “choosing to have” all of the experiences that we are having, moment-to-moment. For some, this is hard to believe. Why in the world would we choose some of those worst events of our lives?

To begin to grasp the idea above, it is important for us to remember that an Experience and an Event are not the same thing. An “Event” is something that is occurring in your exterior environment. All Events are co-created by the lot of us. An “Experience” is something that is occurring in your interior environment. All Experiences, without exception, are created individually, each human being producing their own Reality. Continue reading

Neale Donald Walsch Say On 23 October 2012……- 24 October 2012

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know…

…that less and less do you need to force things, until

you finally arrive at non-action. Continue reading

Neale Donald Walsch – Are You A Spiritual Scrooge? – 9 February 2012


My dear friends…

We are embarked in this space on a year-long exploration of The Holy Experience. I hope and trust that you are enjoying it as much as I am.

The Holy Experience is just like any other form of wealth. You cannot fully experience it until you share it with others. What good does it do you to have inherited a million dollars if you never spend so much as a nickel of it? Continue reading

Neale Donald Walsch – Step Out of Yesterday – 19 January 2012

My dear friends

We spoke here last week about Awareness as a step on the road to The Holy Experience. There are just a few more words I want to say on that subject before I move to this week’s exploration…

Awareness is a very, very important aspect of Life. I think it’s an important quality to nurture and to grow. If we can grow in Awareness, I think that we grow in one of the most vital ways. I think that Awareness is Vitality. I think it is Spiritual Vitality. I think that one is “spiritually vital” when one is Aware—and I think that when one is Aware one becomes “spiritually vital.” I’m saying that I think the effect is circular. Continue reading

Neale Donald Walsch – Your Perspective Creates It All – 15 December 2011

Hello my wonderful friends…

As you know if you are a regular reader, we have been discussing here the steps toward The Holy Experience. The third step in creating the Holy Experience is knowing that you are having it.

In truth, one does not create the Holy Experience at all (nor, for that matter, does one create anything). One simply expands one’s perspective, allowing one to notice that the experience is already occurring and is just waiting for us to realize it. Continue reading

Neale Donald Walsch – Believe that it IS possible -13 November 2011

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Neale Donald Walsch | Conversations With God
November 2011

Hello my wonderful friends…

I have been asked many times, how can one create what you, Neale, call “the holy experience?”

Well, the first step is believing that it is possible for you to have it.

Now you may think that this is an elementary step–almost a given. Yet for many people this a very difficult step because they find it hard to believe that any kind of “holy experience” can happen to them. Continue reading