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TheCommonSenseShow – Dave Hodges – The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near – 19 September 2014

The Common Sense Show

By Dave Hodges

I have previously reported that Monsanto, or Monsatan as many call them, has partnered with the Department of Defense to use a proxy third party company to develop a vaccine against Ebola. The seed money began at $1.5 million. The value of the deal could grow to an estimated $86 million dollars. The company’s name is Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics. “TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office”.  As breaking and shocking of a news story as this has the potential to be, the real story is that this is not the most important part of the Ebola threat which has invaded the United States. The truth of the matter is that these unholy and untrustworthy associations, when it comes to “fighting” the Ebola virus, represent the mere tip of the iceberg. Continue reading


Suzanne Spooner – This Weeks God Message – Graduation Day is Near! 17 October 2011

My Dear Ones,

Your abilities to imagine the highest, greatest good for humanity are applauded. In your moments of meditation and quiet thinking your High Self is opening portals for ascension and assistance for others during these remarkable times. The love you send out is felt through every dimension. Your energy is intertwined with all energy in the cosmos. If you realized the power plant of intention you are, you would mind your thoughts a little more. Understand you are The Creator who has imagined a body & soul in this dimension to experience duality. You agreed to amnesia of your greatness to understand the limited belief of all or nothing. In this amazing class called third dimensional life you have done the nearly impossible of teaching yourself the art of imagination as a path to remembering. Kindly give yourself a pat on the back. Might say you have nearly graduated and with honors. Next up is your graduation ceremony. Will you bring your cap and gown with you? On your invitation to the ceremony are directions to the reception. In your excitement, don’t forget to dust off your awards and accolades. We are so proud of you and have to boast of your accomplishments. In this time of joy know how much you are loved.


Channeled by Suzanne Spooner


The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near Repost

The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near Repost. by Steve Beckow via SteveBeckow.com

Typical Deep Underground Military Bunker (DUMB)

Folks, I’m going to repost this because there have been a fair number of additions that make the notions contained here even more certain and I want to ensure that everyone sees it.

Our knowledge of what happened at the deep underground military bunkers in late August 2011 continues to expand and suggests that this was a watershed event in the defeat of the Illuminati on this planet.

Long ago, George Green described how various elected officials and other Illuminati hangers-on vied for tickets to the bunkers as their guarantee that they would survive the expected events designed to bring the world’s population down from 7 billion to 500 million. Here is that discussion from Kerry Cassidy’s transcript (thanks to Patrick):

GG: And then I said, Ah, the heck with it. So, Desiree and I, we moved to Boulder, Colorado, and I said, I’ll just kinda kick back.

But then I sat in on a meeting with the Governor of Colorado, and he’s discussing the underground facilities in Australia, and he got his ticket.

I said, What ticket?

[Pause] …He’s one of the chosen ones.

KC: Oh, wow.

Bill Ryan: George, I have to ask you, though, if there are a bunch of people who have tickets for these underground facilities in Australia and elsewhere… what’s the need to go underground at that point? Is it to do with war, or to do with…

KC: Nuclear fallout?

GG: Yeah. Nuclear fallout. (1)

In another video that I have succeeded in relocating, Green said that the means for depopulating the globe would be world wars, starvation, epidemic diseases, and environmental sabotage (which I believe we’d call weather warfare today).  (2)

At various times the cabal attempted to take nuclear bombs to an undisclosed Middle-Eastern location to use against Iran and kickstart WWIII. These plans were foiled. For instance, a B-52 with Cruise missiles slung under its wings took off from Minot AFB in North Dakota in 2007 and was forced to land at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.  The cabal killed a number of officers at Barksdale to try to keep the mission under wraps. Said Global Research of these events:

“According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were ‘lost’ for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a ‘cross-country journey’ across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana. Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACMs) that were ‘lost.’ The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story.” (3)

Several other flights to the Middle East were said to have been more recently foiled, one by the Navy. Kerry Cassidy reported that the bombs were being ferried to the Middle East and would have been used against Iran. Kerry reports that it was a CIA operation, probably the same black-ops unit that Matthew Ward says was responsible for so many false-flag attacks like 9/11 and the London bombings.

“I heard from a well placed Source today that a plane was forced to land [in] Qatar. This plane was described as a stealth bomber carrying nuclear warheads… Word is that it was a CIA-directed flight and although fire on board is the published reason for the forced landing the real reason is far more sinister.

“Apparently this is just one of several attempts to start a nuclear war in the Middle East (headed for Iran). The exact day/time of this incident is unclear.

“I was told that this stealth bomber was shot at and forced to land by an American fleet based in the area.

“The commander of this Navy vessel is said to be part of a group of commanders who are refusing to allow this war to get started. I was told there have been a total of 3 prevented attempts over the past few months.” (4)

Wanderer of the Skies mentioned on July 6, 2011 that the people in the underground bunkers were the main block to Disclosure:

“The activities of the Illuminati are decreasing as more and more of their minions move away from that path towards the good. Every day there are more who refuse to do their bidding. We see the most resistance to this change, however, in those of the Illuminati who control the underground facilities scattered across your world.

“They have lived in more or less a sheltered way for many years, becoming ever much more disconnected to you on the surface and ever more bold in thinking that they are invincible. It is with this group that we find the most difficulty. Those that control your money on the surface have more capability to reason and have shown this in the recent past as more and more concessions are made towards the plans for Disclosure.” (5)

On Aug. 19, 2011, SaLuSa made an oblique reference to a plan afloat to impose martial law on us, perhaps the last attempt the cabal would ever be able to make. He reassured us that the attempt would not be allowed by the galactics. This message came out just a few days before the explosions in the bunkers.

“The dark Ones have been subtle in their plan to exercise complete control over you. So much so, that few of you have even suspected that there was a plan to imprison you by taking away your rights. Believe us Dear Ones, it was well advanced and near to completion, with an attempt to create a situation that would have led to Martial Law and total control. Have no fear, the matter is now in our control and their power bases are being held in check.

“As we so often inform you, nothing will be allowed to interfere with your Ascension. We are here to see that all proceeds as divinely planned, and it will not be much longer before you shall know the details. Our actions will be openly carried out, and nothing will be hidden from your gaze. Our craft continue even now to make more displays with greater numbers of them appearing over major cities. There can be little doubt now, that we are proving our point regarding our peaceful presence.” (6)

In fact we are just now learning some of those details.

Meanwhile, on Aug. 22-3 came word that major earthquakes had struck Colorado and Virginia, places not usually susceptible to them.

“A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck 180 miles from Denver, Colorado, with tremors felt in the neighboring states of Kansas and New Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). It did not cause major impacts save for some minor structural damage at homes near the epicenter and minor damages to highways nearby.The quake is the largest since a 5.7 magnitude (man-made) earthquake in 1973. The biggest earthquake to strike the region on record was a 6.6 magnitude quake that struck in 1882.

“A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck 38 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia, according to the USGS. The quake rippled all the way from Georgia to New York.” (7)

Almost immediately these earthquakes were revealed as attacks on military bunkers.  By Aug. 24, Sorcha Faal had an article out calling these attacks nuclear explosions. (8)

David Wilcock interviewed Ben Fulford and called the attacks nuclear. I’m not implying that David or Ben got their information from Faal.

“Fulford has contact with an incredible number of different sources. He does seem to back up who these sources are — as much as humanly possible.

“Recently, these sources informed him that the earthquakes that occurred in Colorado and the Washington DC area, surrounding August 22nd and 23rd, were, in fact, apparently nuclear strikes against underground military facilities.

“[These underground bases] have been built by the US government, ostensibly since the early 1960s, at the cost of trillions of dollars of undocumented taxpayer money that is going into these ‘black projects.’” (9)

However Suzy Ward had told us in March 2011: “What our universal family is authorized to do is the same as it has been since 9/11:  They can prevent all Illuminati attempts to detonate nuclear weaponry in furtherance of their terrorist attacks.” (10)

David believed that as many as 60,000 people might have been killed in these explosions. (It now appears that no one was probably killed, as is explained below.)

“My intelligence suggests it is possible that as many as 30,000 people were in each of these two underground cities at the time that [the explosions] went off. So we’re talking about the potential of 60,000 deaths.” (11)

Meanwhile, Randy Maugans of Exotica Radio reported that his source had told him that these events were intended as a warning against the cabal.

“My source has told me the August 22-23 ‘seismic events’ (we’ll call it that for now) were NOT earthquakes—nor were they nuclear events, as is being speculated in the alternative media. A source known to this writer as a knowledgeable ‘insider’, has directly stated that the events were, in fact, a final warning to the elites in D.C. that their days are numbered.

“’They have now been warned…they went over the line’, was how it was presented in the conversation.” (12)

Maugans said that a kind of directed-energy weapon was used:

“This writer was informed that what actually occurred in the underground ‘events’ of August 22nd and 23rd were, in fact, a directed energy weapon aimed at underground tunnels used by the elites in their activities. This weapon is both exotic—and one of ‘their’ own creation—their weapons are now turned upon ‘them.’ The east coast event followed the 5.3 seismic event in Colorado, which occurred on Monday night at 11:46, Mountain Time; and was was centered at nine miles from Trinidad, CO, with shocks felt in Greeley, CO 350 miles north and into Kansas and New Mexico.” (13)

On Sept. 14, Sorcha Faal again attempted to confuse us with reports that President Obama was ordered to be at the Denver bunker on Sept, 27, associating it with Comet Elenin’s closest pass, and many of us took up the theme. (14)

Our sources have told us the manner in which the rule of the dark will end. Here is SaLuSa on the subject:

“The dark Ones will continue with death and destruction believing that somehow they can alter your destiny. We tell you firmly that only the Creator has the authority and power to do so, and the manner in which the end will come has already been decreed. … [The darkness] will be swept aside in a wonderful show of Light and Love, and everything is set in place ready for your celebrations.” (15)

On another occasion he added: “In ways that are legal and carry the authority of the Galactic Federation they will be removed.” (16) The cabal will be taken before the International Court at the Hague and tried in fair and legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, Wanderer of the Skies has also told us in his most recent message that the bunkers were indeed destroyed, but with no loss of life.

“The underground bases, of which we have spoken in the past which harbor those factions of the Illuminati who have created the most resistance to these changes, have indeed been destroyed with no loss of life we have been able to detect. A clear message has been sent to some of the last hold outs to the agreements already in place for the surrender of the Illuminati and their capitulation in your affairs.

“Other sources have begun to report on these events and the Illuminati needs no confirmation of what has occurred. That message, as we have been able to monitor through the emotions and thoughts of those it affected, has been received quite forcefully. They are now aware there is no alternative and this is their end.” (17)

He doesn’t say what weapon was used or who used it. But he does make it clear that it was an operation by the forces of Light and that it has met with its intended success.  The Illuminati now know that their underground bases are vulnerable.

And Matthew Ward, on Oct. 10, 2011, gave us more information on these events, including the fact that Illuminati plans to mine bridges had been defeated.

“You may have heard that two vast underground areas that housed Illuminati-controlled laboratories, vehicles, weaponry, storehouses and living quarters were destroyed, but it was by safe technologies, not nuclear devices; and some within the Illuminati camp have been removed from power, but not by killing them.

“As both defensive and offensive measures, the light forces use only the power of light and technologies that have no harmful aftereffects. They are aware of Illuminati plans, and if those include rigging major bridges with explosives that can be detonated remotely, they are authorized to prevent that. While that might seem to be a violation of Creator’s law of free will, it is not—it is the honoring of Earth’s free will. After 9/11, she chose that any further attempt at terrorism on that scale would be prevented, and by God’s authorization, our universal family has successfully thwarted many attempts.” (18)

An attack on the bunkers is one of two kinds of attacks that strikes at the heart of the Illuminati’s plans for world takeover and depopulation. The cabal intended either to hide out in the depths of the Earth from the effects of war or else to flee to Mars. They have already been told, as far as I understand, that they will not be permitted to escape to another planet and now they have been shown that they will not be safe in their bunkers either. I’d imagine that this was perhaps the final blow to their plans.

These attacks may explain why SaLuSa suggested on Oct. 2, 2011 that the fall of the Illuminati was near:

“Since we last left a message our plans are so near to fruition, and our allies are on the verge of forcing the dark Ones into a corner. We do therefore expect a favourable outcome, that will allow us to forge ahead with some of the first moves that will lead to the changes necessary to march onwards.” (19)

We are hearing reports that Washington officials are preparing to flee to South America and other parts of the globe, not like these plans will save them.  Other reports say that weather events like the New Zealand earthquake were in retaliation for being denied safe haven in that country.  And still others say that cabalists were negotiating with the Company of Light for safe haven elsewhere.

We saw that the cabal tried to interfere with the meeting of non-Illuminati finance ministers off the coast of Monaco and were forced back. We’ve heard Archangel Michael say that he pacified recalcitrant members of NATO and that he is now “working on” the financial elite. I’m sure that we’re watching the twilight of these forces, which, as AAM has said, is the necessary prerequisite for Disclosure.

They are not a single, cohesive force so we probably should not expect a single event revealing their surrender.  But their leadership, safe havens, escape routes and other important parts of their plan and effort have now, it would appear, been sealed off, compromised or destroyed.  Many are leaving the ship. Given the sum of these events, I’d imagine that we cannot be far from the defeat of the Illuminati.


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Banks dread US claims – Asking To Back Off – The End Of The System Is Near

U.S. Must ‘Stop Punishing Banks,’ Halt Putback Claims, FBR’s Miller Says By Hugh Son via Bloomberg.com 6th september 2011.


My comment:  The banks are getting the stick  and dreading the claims in court from the US Government. They want to have the US Government to back off as Miller says in the above article. The arguments differ from making the economic recovery even worse till arguments that they will damage the housing market.  All are non arguments in the face of the lies, fraud,  robbery and enrichment  the banks did. Yes that’s my opinion and that of een ever-growing group in the whole world. Also the large banks and lending companies were saved by the people’s tax money and still the banks would take people’s houses from them and give themselves big bonuses. They defied the people. Now the time is come to take back all that is not theirs.  Worldwide the resistance against this greed and untamed capitalism is now increasing.  And eventually they will have to see that they have to comply. The Federal Reserve Banking system is dead. No more private banking firms who dictate and issue money, or even have something to say about the money in any country, just as all other related organizations such as, World Bank, IMF, etc.

Money without any real value is no money. There is no backing of the money anymore with a value like gold. Therefore more has become  merely a believe system that says, believe in this piece of paper as something having value you can exchange for services and goods. The people must see that there is no legal obligation to pay back loans, mortgages, debt that is issued with no backing of a real value for instance a gold standard , thus real gold. People must see that they were driven into thinking that they owed banks and lenders money. But the banks and lenders knew they issued only a paper that says you owe them money. A computer input of your name and your address and Fiscal details and one click on the button and they have given you fake non-existent money digitally on your account. You have signed for paying back that amount with interest. Stupid you.

I hope people will see the injustice and enslavement on debt  that banks and the dark ones have imposed on all of us. The system is fraud and will end. You can see the last resistance of the banks and dark ones regarding keeping their power bases of debt and control.  The debt crises and austerity madness and money systems all over the world breaking up and failing say enough.   Nothing can be done to ment that. That is what they won’t accept. It’s over.

But don’t be scared, there is no need for it. Soon a new system will be in place that has all that this fraud system hasn’t got. A money system that is for the people by the people  for exchange. No greed and interest. But redistribution of wealth. No one will have nothing. So we can build a real new society that is loving, free and just. There is No uprising needed. No riots are needed. Fear of debt, poverty is No more . It will be coming sooner than you think. So be joy and happy. But keep critical and alert for those who think they can do everything without any scruples and without consequence. They will be taken to justice and trialed.


The End of the Federal Rerserve Banking and Moneytary System is Near

25 Signs That The Financial World Is About To Hit The Big Red Panic Button

via InfoWars.com

My Comment: The signs are merely scratches at the surface of the changes taken place behind the scenes. So be prepared for a very near collapse which will be followed with a new monetary system and a complete debt free system. This will be a temporary system that is based on a precious metal. As Benjamin Fulford foretold and was reported is happening. 57 Nations, without the rogue dark cabal factions and their representatives like Rockefeller, Rothschild  and nations,  have been on a boat to talk about the new money system replacing the old.

There will be  no more IMF and Federal Reserve Banking.  All old banking systems led by the dark ones will be cleaned out and resolved. The new system will be in place to relief all faults made. Nobody will be out of money. But all that’s is needed to put things right via redistribution will take place.

Disc shaped craft is spotted circling near Stansted – Hertfordshire (audio)

uk-14387365  reported on BBC’s Radio 5 Live

via BBC News UK

Triangle Formation of Lights Near the Mountain – July 21, 2011 (Tucson, AZ)