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Lucas – Adressing Channeling, Negativity, Fear, Publishing And Lightworkers – 9 November 2011

I want to address the problem I have been confronted with in channeling and channels and publishing.

Let me first say what I think that channeling is. As I channel myself since a couple of months and publish now a couple of weeks I can say that channeling for me is a construct that you can feel by heart. The flow of the messages coming true in my mind is that of the person, being or energy manifestation I see in front of me. Those who are coming true first where SaLuSa and Ashtar. Others have been calling in also but are not that clear yet to channel them. The message I verify with my feeling and I am asking my heart if the connection was truthful. I ask the channel also to verify what I wrote. If I get no answer back then that is for me also a sign of not being a good channel and discarding the message. The channelings I publish are sincere and coming from the heart and felt by me as truthful. Continue reading