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Kauilapele – Freedom Council With James Rink And Doug…”TONA, NESARA, Saint Germain” From March 30, 2013, Video and MP3s – 7 april 2013

freedom_council_james_rink_logo1(Lucas: Indeed Kauilapele, it is about the personal process that all humans need to go through and now some have almost done and some are still in the middle of and some are just starting. )

[UPDATE: “TONA” = “Titles of Nobility Amendment” (the original 13th amendment)]

This video, by James Rink and Doug, is more data. I may have more to say about all this later. But I found this fellow “Doug” (and James Rink, who appears to have just graduated high school) presented a lot of information here, some of which I have not heard about, but much which is backed up by what I have heard from other sources, both past and present. Continue reading


Ron Van Dyke – NESARA, OPPT, Secrecy, Communication, Confusion – 5 April 2013

Uploaded on 5 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Even if everyone spoke English, we would not be speaking the same language. What we say and what others hear depends on variables, making our communication speculative at best, rather than absolute in fact. This came out very clearly for me yesterday in my Mystics in Training Class, private conversations, listening to a discussion about NESARA with James Rink and a man named Doug, and other things I encountered. Heather’s anticipated debate about the OPPT with Dean Clifford did not happen due to the death of Heather’s mom on Wednesday. Doug criticized the OPPT because it wasn’t secret; while I praise it for that very reason. Some see the ETs as angels, while others are convinced they are demons. Some label a belief in right and wrong, good and evil as judgment, while others see it as common sense. Even “love” means different things to different people. Can you see why we are so confused as humans? I can; and that’s what I’m asking you to consider today.

Lucas – Prosperity Programs – 16 September 2012

A lot is dropped in my mailbox and some is instantly denied again or proven to be disinfo. I see a lot of people talking about debt-forgiveness what is not the same or equals NESARA or the Prosperity programs. I know a lot is confusion and is getting  people’s hope up but read a bit about NESARA. Continue reading

Drake – 2 Updates – 16 August 2012

1- Cease & Desist – Neil Keenan Papers

From: Neil Keenan
To: ’Drake Bailey’
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 12:05 PM
Subject: Emailing: Cease & Desist UBS-BIS + Evidence (05-14-12)

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

Cease & Desist UBS-BIS + Evidence (05-14-12)

http://www.americannationalmilitia.com link to original article Continue reading

Drake – You Can Vote Now On His Website Also – 8 June 2012

You Can Vote On Drakes Site Now by Drake

You can now vote on this site. Just click here and it will take you to the same information as was on the other site but without any added ads and also on a white background and black text.

The links on the site will also lead to this page as well, so you can send people to the homepage as well and they can arrive here:

Hope this makes it easier for those who were concerned about sending people there.

link to the voting on Drake’s website

Lucas – Some Elaboration On Drake’s Show And YOU Voting – DO VOTE! – 7 June 2012

In the earlier posted Drake Audio Update that you could hear as asked in full, I have to elaborate on the Vote business.

The vote will be online Canadian – Noon time – 7 June 2012 on www.ladydragon.com

Continue reading

Steve Beckow – People Being Prepared For The Beginning Of Nesara? – 2 April 2012

(Edited some things in Steve’s article as the videos lack information about when they we’re posted and by whom. Also the first video gave a lot of fuzz. I am personal now convinced they ment well and are genuine. But others are also genuine in their efforts. We could better strive for unity in all than in polarising things. But in every sense let us strive for the same:  the better for all mankind in freedom and peace without been controlled or enslaved in what way ever by debt or as real slaves in work situation or  otherwise. We strive for a new golden age of peace equality and abundance for all as for our earth without pollution, war, hunger, etc. Love and Light,  Lucas) Now the article follows:

One after another the videos and radio interviews are coming out, apparently preparing the public for NESARA. Continue reading

Lucas – NEWS UPDATE – On The Prosperity Packages And Reevaluation Of Currencies – 19 March 2012

In my recent post with link http://wp.me/p1H4zR-2uf  I told about the news I received in various e-mails about a probable NESARA, abundance program or spreading of prosperity packages now going on.

In the new info I have been given I have understood that there are several things going on.  Behind the screens some currencies have been reevaluated already.  The world currencies will follow suit soon.  The reevaluation will be per country on its  indicated  national GNP – Gross National Product or the assets/ derivatives  the country has.  This will take as of today till end of month 31 March 2o12. I have understood that new currencies will be backed in a mix of precious metals and derivates. From gold, silver, copper, till oil, gas, grain, cacao, etc.  There is already wealth spread as for example Iceland has been paying off the IMF with 20% of its debt by means of foreign money coming in. Also prosperity packages are spread.

What you should not do is gonna call your bank about this or even ask for a prosperity package. The  whole operation behind it will be disturbed. The most banks are not informed about this. So be patient. The information about the whole operation will be communicated to you soon. This may differ a bit from my intel as I have not all the answers. I just try to explain what I have been getting on this wonderful news if true.  So do not shoot the messenger. I hope the news I have got is 100% true. But I can not vouch for it for the 100%.  I am very confident that it is true. We will wait and see.

Love and Light,


P.S.  I had a sentence broken off saying e………. this is corrected now  in  = “reeavaluated already”.  Also I speak of NESARA – I mention this as a lot of people only have heard about this as the abundance program, but is spoken by many names: like the abundance program, the Saint Germain Trust, The Prosperity Fund, etc.  In my opinion NESARA will not be implemented like the exact stated text of the law. As mentioned in many writings and channelings  it will be a form of abundance program that will have first of all have not the name NESARA and second of all it will be only at first about the new value backed currency and spreading of abundance over all people. The other reforms mentioned in NESARA like government, etc.,  will be rolled out in a parallel or later track.  See the NESARA law as a guideline for what is  all to come.

Lucas – Very Interesting E-mails Coming In – Still Not Confirmed – Something Great Happening – Is Nesara Or The Abundance Program, Prosperity Packages Or What Name It Has Been Given Starting? – 19 March 2012

(Read This As It is still not confirmed with Discernment!! : Let This be true as It is what we are waiting for – distribution of prosperity packages – DO NOT CALL YOUR BANKS TO CHECK IT COULD DISTURB THE PROCESS : Lucas)



Graham Dewyea – Steve Beckow and Linda Dillan – An Hour With An Angel – Archangel Michael – 24 January 2012

Archangel Michael speaks of Ascension and the importance of being in balance and to act first and foremost from the heart. There is no need to wait to ascend and many have already completed the process. We need to anchor with Gaia as we are ascending with her. Many have ascended in a previous life and have returned to help with the process now. Continue reading