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Steve Beckow – Where are Matters at with NESARA? – 18 January 2012

What’s happening with NESARA?  (1) Previously Matthew Ward was the main source of information on the subject, but more recently SaLuSa has become our main informant.

On Jan. 12, 2012, SaLuSa said that “we have the answers to the world’s problems, but cannot thrust them upon you but we will be subtle and put ideas out so that you can find them yourselves.” (2) The James Martinez video is probably a good example of this strategy.  (3) Continue reading

Michael Ellegion – Tons And Tons Of Gold – Steve Beckow – 13 January 2012

Global Immunity Plate

Udo Pelkowski and Chorsch Maschik have sent along this channeled message from Michael Ellegion, from Dec. 20, 2011, suggesting that it get fresh attention in light of Udo’s own revelations about the Philippine treasure.

Chorsch suggests that the Ellegion channel is speaking both of what was found in the ship off the Philippines and in many similar purposely-arranged treasure stashes around the planet. As Ashtar is alleged to say here, eventually this treasure will form one stream of NESARA. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Played-Upon Separation And The Distrust Of The Galactic Federation – 3 January 2012

A Female-Human Extraterrestrial

This post originates from a comment I posted on Ashtar Command, on a blog post entitled ‘GFL Cover Up’Continue reading

Lucas – A Personal Call Upon You All – About NESARA Announcement (HOAX?!) – 3 January 2012

I felt an urge to write and make this personal call  after reading all articles and replies and me having my own reservations on the real agenda behind this video message and articles and discussions following the posting.

The Conscious Media Network announcement  video message from James Martinez  has been the reason for all the ongoing discussion. I am really said about this all.  For me the most painful aspect was  that it made clear there is a separation between groups wanting in bases the same thing.  All references to so-called bringing a  new world order to manifest are wrong.  The groups striving one or the other way to a new system that brings the people back true abundance and peace should be applauded. I was not amused by the (audio) channeling of Archangel Michael channeled by Linda Dillon that spoke of division between groups. Also disharmonious were the amount of articles and opinions written on this announcement. Continue reading

Linda Dillon & Steve Beckow – An Hour With An Angel -Blogtalkradio via Graham Dewyea – 3 January 2012

Below is a summary of the January 2, 2012 show An Hour with an Angel along with the link to listen to the show, as well as previous shows.

Linda Dillon talked about her 30 years experience channeling and her process.


Archangel Michael tells us our efforts to anchor peace in nations, communities and within ourselves are going forward and that we are doing well.  We are pivotal in this work. He describes it as a partnership with the Angelic realm and our galactic brothers and sisters. He thanks us for sending light to those involved with NESARA and Disclosure and encouraged us to continue. Continue reading

Lucas – The EURO-POUND Zone In Palliative Care – STOP Resisting The New – 20 December 2011

The general condition on the Euro zone and EU is getting even more critical as we speak. The mainstream media try to keep the scope of the problem out of the news. The Euro zone en EU failed to find the promised 200 billion to its rescue fund. Only 150 Billion was deposited or spoken for. They screamed out on the news to get help from other than EU states . They have no money. And it is not backed. It is fictional, non-existent money. Let them show us the 150 Billion in gold bars backed money. They can not, because a long long time ago this was banished to get a fiat currency system. Yes, a just I owe you note system. Which strengthened by immoral interest on lending fictitious money and debt as means of control has been instated to rob and enslave us.  Please do Not go to your bank and ask if they can get you some gold for your money. They can not. They even can not give any money to us all if we went to the bank all at the same time, a so-called bank run. This is now in many countries as in my country without people knowing a crime.  Do you know now why there was so much effort put in to get us on internet transactions and credit card or bankcard payments without actual physical  money in your hand as banknotes or coins.  A number  entered in the PC called credit is just a number and no actual money. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Why Do We Need A New Financial System For Just A Year? – 11 December 2011

This material is not meant to replace but to augment what we already know about NESARA. You already know the formal details – debt relief, reduced taxes, new governments, etc.

What seeming craziness this is! This morning I bade goodbye to three lightworkers who sense that they’ll be ascending tomorrow. Am I really saying this in a sentence? One of them is saying he’ll come visit us on the radio show. Alright! Continue reading

Linda Dillon – Archangel Michael – To Susan J. On Disclosure, Nesara And 12/12/11 – 22 November 2011

Thanks go to Susan J. for this interview, to Linda S. for its transcription, and to BZ, who is turning it into a video. Archangel Michael to Susan through Linda Dillon, The Council of Love, November 20, 2011

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Archangel of Joy. Normally, my beloved sister, Gabrielle, claims this title Archangel of Joy, but she is loaning it to me for the day, for there are many reasons above and below to be and to claim, and to anchor, and to breathe this sense of joy. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Messages From Michael On NESARA, Disclosure, 11/11/11, Etc.- 20 November 2011

Messages from Michael on NESARA, Disclosure, 11/11/11, etc.. via http://www.stevebeckow.com by Steve Beckow.

We have two very interesting readings today from Archangel Michael through Linda. The first is from Casey, in which AA Michael discusses “how we are doing,” what 11/11/11 has begun, and where it’s going.  He discusses the chaos that is still apparent around us. He talks about the economic decay happening now.

But perhaps the segment of this channelling that will interest you most is that Archangel Michael discusses the pre-NESARA bridge programs. The secret is out. These programs are designed to help Lightworkers and Lightholders who are in dire straits. Continue reading

Lucas – Message from Ashtar – 30 October 2011

This morning I was asking a question to the Galactic Federation of Light and the Angels and lightbeings.  In answer to my question Ashtar called in on me and gave me the message.

My question was if it was possible for all those who are tired of waiting and those in need so badly for help in their precarious situations and  hunger,sickness, debt, etc. if  things could be speeded up and disclosure and the abundance program could be announced quickly.

Ashtar replied to me in this question and said that they had  still to do a couple of things before disclosure could be announced and the abundance program could be  rolled out.

So as I have understood his message  that everything is  well underway but we have to be a little more patient.

This short message I would like to share with you.

Love and Light,