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Visionkeeper – Never Feel Alone – 13 February 2013

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It seems so hard at times, like we are all alone in the darkness trying to shine our light out to those around us. It is so important to remember when we long for like-minded people to be a part of our world,  often we end up in dark corners specifically, because our light is needed. While it is far easier to be around like- minded beings, if we were all to enjoy that comfort, no one would be left to shine the light in the dark corners. We took on this mission knowing at times we may be alone doing our jobs and sometimes feeling very alienated from others. Find your strength within to continue on anyway, for our light is needed most in the darkest places. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Never Feel Alone – 23 May 2012

In these crazy times, some people feel alone because they can’t make sense of what is happening around them. Those that are already awake sometimes feel alienated, they aren’t thinking the way the majority of society is thinking. They don’t visit anger and revenge despite all of the blatantly evil things being foisted upon the innocent citizens of the world. They don’t agree with what their Government is doing to our countries, they are aware of the laws being violated in a grotesque effort to take away their freedoms. So much of what is taking place today makes very little sense to most, unfortunately for the awake ones they can see the entirety of the evil plan afoot, yet they cannot explain it to most of the people around them who are living in denial. It can leave people feeling isolated to small groups of like minds. This is one of the setbacks of awakening, but if we remember to stay positive and stay centered in the love within our hearts, we will float through unscathed. It is our love, faith and gratitude that ground us firmly and support us on this amazing journey. As we go along it is important to keep remembering that we are creating our new world as we go and hopefully soon the insanity will end. Continue reading