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John Smallman – Saul – You Find Yourselves Feeling More Hopeful And More Upbeat In Spite Of The Chaos – 6 May 2012

We in the spiritual realms are watching with joy as we observe the progress you are making in releasing old self-serving attitudes and embracing the divine field of Love that surrounds you, constantly offering you the peace, the faith, and the confidence you need to move out of the darkness of the illusion and into the brilliant Light of Reality.  You know that that is where you belong, that that is where you truly have your existence, and that you are readying yourselves to awaken into that blissful state where all your needs are abundantly provided for. Continue reading


Patricia Cori – You Are The Gaian Vibration … Rising – 5 May 2012

Were I to leave an inspirational message for the world upon my departure from this magnificent planet, it would be simple: Pay Attention.

By and large, our modern societies have imposed the tools and parameters of our utter distraction: cement jungles of our largely dysfunctional cities, inane and manipulative messages of coercive media, the goings-on of our governments with their hidden agendas, daily distractions of our runaway technologies and their abstract impressions, overlaid upon the tapestries of our richly woven lives as “spiritual beings, having a human experience.” Continue reading

Lucas – The Angel Within Unleashed – 24 February 2012

In these last moments on our timeline towards ascension s0 much is happening around us all. We see or not yet see what the bigger picture for ourselves is. The roles you have played on this earthly playing field of 3 dimensional being are still hazy.

We came here as we have chosen to be part of the experiment in duality. As most of us already lived multiple lives on earth and in others realms. As you know the stars and planets are many on our celestial night sky. We have longed back, did not know who we were and where  we have come from. We have sought the deeper meaning of life in our own ways. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In the Fullness Of Love – 4 January 2012

God said:

You are so innocent that you think you are sophisticated. You think you are wise to the ways of the world. That is not such a wise thing. It is not a great accomplishment. Better to be wise in the ways of innocence, beloveds. Be open to all that I offer you and that stands before you. What is superficial upon Earth is superficial. There is more to life than superficiality.

Know the value of what I have given you. Know the value of yourself. Know the light you stand in. Continue reading

Lucas – A Personal Call Upon You All – About NESARA Announcement (HOAX?!) – 3 January 2012

I felt an urge to write and make this personal call  after reading all articles and replies and me having my own reservations on the real agenda behind this video message and articles and discussions following the posting.

The Conscious Media Network announcement  video message from James Martinez  has been the reason for all the ongoing discussion. I am really said about this all.  For me the most painful aspect was  that it made clear there is a separation between groups wanting in bases the same thing.  All references to so-called bringing a  new world order to manifest are wrong.  The groups striving one or the other way to a new system that brings the people back true abundance and peace should be applauded. I was not amused by the (audio) channeling of Archangel Michael channeled by Linda Dillon that spoke of division between groups. Also disharmonious were the amount of articles and opinions written on this announcement. Continue reading

Linda Dillon & Steve Beckow – An Hour With An Angel -Blogtalkradio via Graham Dewyea – 3 January 2012

Below is a summary of the January 2, 2012 show An Hour with an Angel along with the link to listen to the show, as well as previous shows.

Linda Dillon talked about her 30 years experience channeling and her process.


Archangel Michael tells us our efforts to anchor peace in nations, communities and within ourselves are going forward and that we are doing well.  We are pivotal in this work. He describes it as a partnership with the Angelic realm and our galactic brothers and sisters. He thanks us for sending light to those involved with NESARA and Disclosure and encouraged us to continue. Continue reading

A Nice Sunny Day – Autumn – 23 October 2011 – Lucas

The day began with a nice  autumn sunny Sunday as I was bathing in the golden light.  I was taking a walk into the city park. The light made the first colours of the new season shine bright yellow, red , orange and green. In the cold 11 degrees it felt like 20 with the sun in my back. Walking my mind sank away into thinking mode as my thoughts about all this beauty as a gift to us came into my mind.

Continue reading

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

My friends, we are at a tipping point in humanities history. As our society seems to whither and break down in many areas, the clear demise of what used to be seen as normal and acceptable is giving way to a new way of Living, of BEing and understanding. There are plenty of people on our world who are stuck in a sort of mental box; they would never choose to believe there is anything past the dense physical world they have grown used to, and they may think that others who believe that something, anything, lies beyond this Life are either wishful thinkers or just bonkers. There are plenty of people who have refused to accept what the majority have seen as normal, such as the physical plane being the only plane of existence. I would like you to consider the concept of other worlds, of other realities that are very much within our grasp. I would like you to consider that these higher planes of reality not only exist, but create the physical reality that we perceive. I would like you to consider that through these higher realities, we are all connected.

The implications of this are huge. I would like you to consider that there are higher dimensional beings that reside in these mostly unkown planes of existence, and that they are perceiving us and assisting us with our difficult ventures on Earth. I would like you to consider that many souls here on Earth are able to be in communication with these higher beings, and that for the most part everybody on Earth is able to receive this contact, but many are too stuck on the belief that such occurences are impossible. Finally, I would like you to consider that we are heading back to the heavenly realms that create our reality. The ‘unseens’ as they can be called are with us at all times and are assisting us and our planet in reaching the heavenly realms we were existing in when we created this universe. We are the Creators of the planes of Living we find ourselves in, and our third dimensional realities are merging with the higher realms of Living we used to reside in.

These concepts are the basis of this and many other blogs and websites. So very many souls are preparing for our Golden Age of Aquarius, preparing to take on an ascended Light-body form. Love is the guiding force of our Ascension, and it is with Love that I thank you for your constant selfless service to humanity as Lightworkers. Every one of you who read this is a Lightworker, I say now unlock your full potential!!! :)

via The Age of Aquarius by Wes Annac via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com



Watch this with discernment:  It is a speculation about a global intervention on the money markets this weekend. We have to see and will have the news if……… on monday.

Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011

Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011.  Via SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow

Hi Friends,

I’m sorry I could not contact you earlier, but my computer completely crashed, and I had no way of letting you know. I didn’t know at the time that my hard drive had gone, and was hoping my computer (8 years old) could be repaired quickly, but that was not to be and it took 9 days to sort out.

During that time I understand that a number of you learned of my situation and wanted to help me out. That resulted in an appeal for donations to help me purchase a new computer which I did on Saturday the 27th August.

As I lost all of my Hard Disc data, I was faced with a formidable task to set it up again, finding for example that with new Windows Seven some of the old programs that I used with XP were not compatible, and that also included my two printers, both of which were admittedly quite old.

The amount of time taken to sort it all out, largely came from difficulty in trying to recover information from the old Hard Disc. So your great generosity enabled me to buy a new computer and printer right away, which also gave the opportunity to make sure it had a bigger memory and a faster speed.

I found it could not take my favourite Outlook Express, but you will be pleased to know that Windows Live Mail is a very good replacement, and, once I get used to it, might well prove to be better.

As things stand at present, I’m being given fantastic help by someone who is a computer wizard and has given freely of his time to finish off what I started. In fact Maarten Horst has so far worked on it for about 5 hours, is still customising it for me, and will also get my old computer set up as a useful standby.

Maarten is a fellow BBS Radio host who I’d already befriended, and what a great friend at that. As best as I understand it I owe heartfelt thanks to Steve Beckow, Kees de Graaff, and Maria Luisa Vasconcellas for their input in getting the appeal out, and Steve for handling the transfer to me.

My Dear Friends, your response absolutely took my breath away when I first heard about it, and I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude and love for you all. You are truly of the Light and it proves that we are brothers and sisters in that very powerful energy. They say it is an ill wind that often brings out the best in people, and you have lifted me out of a predicament that could have caused a great deal more trouble than it did.

Once again, many thanks to you all – and although I do not know many of you by name I did see the list with your first names on it.

Finally can I just apologise for not being able to personally reply to other emails enquiring about the messages or offering advice, as I have been so busy sorting my programs out.

In Love and Light,

Mike Quinsey.