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Judith Dagley – New Moon, New Beginnings- Seize The Day! – 4 December 2013

judithA Hit of the Day from Judith

Wow, does this New Sagittarius Moon energy ever feel NEW!  When I felt into it, I immediately received such an enthusiastic “hit” about  it that I  decided to drop everything to share it with you. I’ll do so briefly, because this energy has me all fired up about my own endeavors today, but that’ll give you an opportunity to fill in the brevity with your own personal meanings in a way that’s most relevant for you.  See, already, there’s an example of  how positive and optomistic this energy is! It brings a very ”glass is half full” perspective to our vision, enabling us to see the opportunities within the mixed- bag of some very different ways we could also choose to experience whatever comes our way. Continue reading


Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – New Moon, New Paradigm, And Celestial Support!

Beloved, we pulse our frequencies to you within the magnetic waves of  your Virgo New Moon!

Please experience how it feels to receive us in this way, for we have never done this with your moon before. It is NEW! Your new moon’s energies are actually pulled to you by the magnetic forces within your earth, you see, and its pull on your moon is very powerful, indeed!  Unless we actually had the experience of allowing them to carry us to you as we are now, we never would have  truly “known” how  strong those magnetic forces feel. We are quite enjoying the experience of being pulsed to you in this way, we might add! Continue reading