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DutchNews – New Political Row Looms Over ‘Unavoidable’ Extra Brussels Payment – 15 May 2013

dutchnews-logo(Lucas:  Just a fact is that The Netherlands, even as small country, have been the biggest netto payer to the EU budget. After the austerity measures kicked in not-only in the southern european countries but also in Ireland, UK and The Netherlands and Belgium and others it was clear that the so-called EU is in danger.  But even now there is no cut to the EUs budget.  The Dutch Parliament  and Government have a problem as they promised to negotiate cuts on the budget and cuts on the payment of The Netherlands to the EU budget. This was without any success. The austerity madness, ECB, IMF, Troika are on a Titanic course total control and a Federal Police State Europe controlled by the thugs  or we drive the whole ship towards the cliffs . The two currency model is already proposed, a two speed Euro zone. Will it be German Marks.  For the Dutch this all could well be the breaking point. The fall of the dutch government  is a very big probability if this is not solved. Due to the continuing pressure on member countries, continuing bailouts and the austerity measures and looting of the ECB, EU and, IMF a break-up of the Euro zone and end to the Euro is soon a fact. The controlled steering towards the iceberg seems to be planned as nothing works anymore to solve the problem.) Continue reading