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Judith Dagley – New Video, Solstice Energy Tele-Gathering… A Whole Lot Of Magic To Integrate! – 9 December 2014


NEW VIDEO: The Resistance/Attachment Bind– How to Free Yourself!
This is the fourth “of a piece.” The alchemy of transformational change is generated sequentially, with each phase setting the foundation for the next. If you wish to use this one optimally, the prior three need to be sequentially viewed and integrated. They are:
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David Wilcock – New Video – Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development – 24 November 2011







In this new video, David Wilcock explores the core spiritual teachings of the Law of One series and other great sources to give you practical tools that can help you in your spiritual development. Our Thanksgiving gift to you is a reminder to Occupy Your Self!  (see at the middle of the article the video) Continue reading