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John Ward – New York Times ‘Foley Torture’ Piece: More Establishment Propaganda? – 29 October 2014

Callimachi3Before dolling out fulsome praise, we should look more closely at Rukmini Callimachi’s agenda

Rukmini Callimachi is a 43 year-old American woman of Romanian birth whose parents escaped from Communism via Switzerland when she was very small. She is also the author of the much-retweeted, TV-featured and widely reblogged New York Times article of last week describing in graphic detail the brutal treatment of prisoners such as James Foley before he was allegedly beheaded.

Yesterday, I watched her being interviewed on CBS News. She obviously signs up totally to the War on Terror thing, as she mentions it quite a lot. Ms Callimachi also thinks Obama should’ve negotiated. She made a big deal about Foley being waterboarded and tortured before his death. Much, indeed, as the Islamics held in Guantanamo Bay were. And we still don’t know the name of any of her sources. Continue reading