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Judi Sartori – New Beginnings – With Love From Ontara, New Zealand – 21 August 2013

Uploaded on 20 August 2013 by Judy Satori A fullmoon message from Judy Satori and Spirit – http://www.thesoundoflight.com

RT – Megaupload A Mega Oops For FBI – 30 June 2012

Uploaded on 29 June 2012 by

Earlier this year the US government seized MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom’s assets after his website was accused of facilitating copyright infringement. The New Zealander’s home was raided, his website taken down and he was taken into custody. However, New Zealand courts have ruled that the raid was illegal and search warrants were too vague. RT’s Web Producer, Andrew Blake, brings us more on Dotcom’s case.

(Thanks Gillian / shiftfrequency.com)



UFO Report – Auckland, New Zealand 5th February 2012 – 6 February 2012

uploaded by StuTube40 on YouTube 5th February 2012


UFO, New Zealand, with Nightvision Camera Filmed, 31 Augustus 2011

Planet or UFO in the Skies above Christchurch, New Zealand, 27 August 2011