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UFO Expert Calls New Photo ‘One Of The Best’ He Has Ever Seen – 19 June 2013

The objects spotted in the sky in Bracknell (© BPM Media)

Should we trust the expert? An English UFO expert, formerly with the country’s Ministry of Defense, says a recent photo is “one of the best UFO photos I’ve seen for a while. The shape and color seem to rule out things like aircraft lights or Chinese lanterns.” The photo was snapped by Steve Lambert of Basingstoke from the terrace of a Bracknell pub, and seems to show two discs hurtling through the sky — “quicker than any normal aircraft.” It’s the second UFO sighting in the area, following a sighting of a “mysterious object” viewed nearby in February. [Source]

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CommonDreams – Abby Zimet – Sanders And Snowden : The Gnawing Questions – 17 June 2013

Dismissing the hero-or-traitor debate swirling around Edward Snowden in “the court of public opinion,” the ever-cogent Bernie Sanders insists the issue should be “the gnawing questions his actions raised from the shadows” – as in, what else is the government doing to invade our privacy, why did/do they lie about it, why do Democrats let Obama get away with the same curbing of liberties for which they blasted Bush, when will the Obama administration stop misleading – okay, lying to – the public so that “the truth has been victimized,” etc. Sanders = national treasure.

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John Smallman – Jesus – The Emotional Issues Coming Up For You Are Your Attachments – 10 May 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Humanity has always been enveloped by, but unaware of, the divine field of Love – all of creation is contained lovingly within it – but now the reality of this concept is breaking through into your awareness and can no longer be dismissed as delusional or make-believe nonsense by those who are fearful of anything that their physical senses cannot identify and measure.  Scorn and disbelief of realms other than the physical no longer cut it because there is far too much evidence to prove otherwise, and more is being detected daily.  Truly the first signs of humanity’s awakening are becoming ever more manifest, in fact the truth that you will most definitely awaken into your natural state as fully conscious beings can no longer be meaningfully denied. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – What God Did Instead – 23 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

Many questions do not bear a Yes or No answer. In terms of the relative world, the true answer to many questions would be: “It depends.” That is how it is in the relative world. Some of the laws of the land leave no leeway. There are no exceptions. There is no room left for heart to enter.

Adhering becomes a question of practicality and consistency. Should a clerk in a particular situation have the discretion to change a law according to her judgment and common sense and the love in her heart? Or must she follow the rules? The law of the land says she must. Because of this, there is the expression: The law is the law. Exceptions are frowned on. The Supreme Court is a court of last resort in the world. Yet who wants a court to decide his or her fate? Continue reading

Norway Explosion Designed to Distract Attention from Murdoch Scandal? | The 2012 Scenario


Norway Explosion Designed to Distract Attention from Murdoch Scandal? | The 2012 Scenario. via SteveBeckow.com

Sean Hoare dead: ‘No-one else involved’ in phone-hacking whistleblower’s death | Mail Online

Sean Hoare dead: ‘No-one else involved’ in phone-hacking whistleblower’s death | Mail Online.



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Lucas -Towards The Bigger Picture – 19 Juli 2011

As I was seeing the headlines of the news the Murdoch scandal dominates today i saw a minor notice of a court case ruling in The Netherlands. This triggered me to write about getting towards the bigger picture.

Between the lines I read about  a dutch citizen who sued the dutch government and was put in the dark by the judge. The Dutch have to register fingerprints without any allegations or criminal history in a database before they can apply for an ID. That’s what the judge today approved in his ruling. It means again that the governments don’t care about their people but just want to control them without any credible reason. It is systematic controlling. A lot of people don’t know that it’s already being unfolded: the New World Order. The UN has also made its case in world-wide ID implementation with RFID chips. (Just seek on the net and you will find it) RFID-chip  is in short a chip that can transmit signals and can be tracked and traced.  So also the EU have put their ID rules in place. But the Dutch case was special because the government went further than EU rules. The Dutch wanted to put all citizens fingerprints in a database. That makes use, privacy breaches and abuse  possible without any reason or need.

I wanted to showcase this for the world readers minor news as a reminder of the impact some things can have. We give still our rights and freedoms away to our parliaments and governments without asking the question: “Do they really represent us and do they listen to you as their voters? I think you can say NO. If your own free will, freedoms and birthrights are just taken away step by step you have to act. First ask why is this needed? The answer will be obvious: to control you and enslave you.

We, the people, let it come to that. We have the power and key of change within us. Just take the powers you have given away back in a peaceful way. Tumble the pyramid upside down and you see its base above. The people have their powers back and not the few. The current rulers are spreading still fear around us. By instigation and creation of wars, man-made diseases and lots of other ways to put you into fear. And don’t think you are being informed well with the mainstream media under control of a few.

Do be fearless. Fear is just away to control you. If your are immune to fear it doesn’t work anymore.

So getting back to Murdoch and the headlines today. Do you see the bigger picture?  This is the few who control the many now in a special case exposed. The media giant that will fall over his total lack of human dignity, privacy, trued and ………….  Whatever !

The whistleblower of the scandal was  found dead  and his dead declared  “Not suspicious” by the same police who never had investigated Murdoch in so many cases brought before them. And then the police leaders who have resigned because of their links in this scandal. Will really get the trued out if parliament and police have to investigate also maybe amongst their own?

So I ask again: Do you see the bigger picture? Yes. Then act accordingly.

With love and light,