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Ruth Ryden – Newsletter June 2013 – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 1 June 2013

ruth-rydenHere I am again!   My “new” eye is all healed up and just fantastic!  Like seeing the world in a new light!  Left eye needs to be done too, so they will match up.  New computer (Gateway 8) is a new classroom, and took some time getting everything, (including my older printer) into compatability.

Feeling pretty good, just a bout with the annual hay fever problems.  Very warm and dry here in the forest, so really strict rules about fires are in effect – sorry for the campers over the holiday that couldn’t have camp fires.  The horrible tornadoes have become part of all of us as we share the disaster and heartbreak of those in Moore.   Looking at national news, the planet has been throwing some mean vibrations to many other countries and cities.  Volcanoes are waking up and the hurrican season is coming up.  Not an easy time for humanity right now.  All most of us can do is to keep our spiritual lines of  love, help,and comfort open to all those affected by such terriable losses. Continue reading