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Visionkeeper – No Need To Carry The Weight Of The World – 19 June 2013

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Carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders is a function of the old world. If we are still doing it we have not shifted our perspective on life. We must still be stuck in the muck and mire of 3D. Part of entering the new world is learning how to maneuver our way through life more easily by not getting caught up in ego dramas and the rules and regulations of the old world. We hopefully have learned how to avoid ego dramas by now. No judgment, no assumptions, watching what we say and think, no expectations of how things should be, but rather learning how to flow with what is and accepting it. This is just one of the ways to know whether you have moved ahead or not. Life is only overwhelming when we get bogged down in the dramas and don’t know how to get out or blame everything on others. Part of our shifting is to accept responsibility for our own lives now. It is nobody’s fault but our own. We have the choice how we wish to live our life. Continue reading