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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – No, McDonald’s Is Not Removing All Antibiotics From Its Chicken – 14 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Fast food giant McDonald’s has announced that the company will be phasing out the use of some antibiotics in its factory-farmed chicken products to accommodate what it says are the “changing preferences” of its customers. But a major disparity between the media’s version of what McDonald’s is doing and what the company is actually doing is causing all sorts of confusion among consumers.

The issue lies in the verbiage concerning McDonald’s new antibiotics policy, which contrary to what is being claimed by some does not mean that Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Select Tenders, and other McDonald’s chicken products will suddenly be antibiotic-free. To the contrary, the company is merely asking its chicken meat suppliers to phase out dual-use antibiotics that are also used in human medicine. Continue reading


ActivistPost – No, Really, Monsanto Has A “Discredit Bureau” – 2 April 2015

Logo_activistpost-comA company functionary discusses Monsanto’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Monsanto company arguably holds an inordinate amount of the global food supply, not only with its genetically engineered seed but its complimentary product, Roundup herbicide, which contains the active ingredient glyphosate.

Read the full story at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article

ActivistPost – No, John Kerry Doesn’t Want To Negotiate With Assad – 19 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The recent hysteria surrounding John Kerry’s remarks regarding the necessity of negotiating with Bashar al-Assad has provoked both criticism and praise from a number of very different quarters. Unfortunately, however, the opinions of those up in either arms or exaltation are largely the result of misreporting, war psychosis, and simply reading headlines instead of articles.

Read the full story at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – No, No, No Says Draghi to Greece; Spanish Economy Minister Insists 3rd Bailout Talks Underway – 6 March 2015

b>MishMikeShedlockSpanish Economy Minister Insists 3rd Bailout Talks Underway

Spanish economy minister, Luis de Guindos, has reiterated his position that Third Greece Bailout discussions are in play.

Luis de Guindos put back on the table the possibility that the Troika is preparing a new bailout for Greece. “The four month extension of the aid program will show us the real situation and establish the need for a third rescue,” he assured an information forum. “Next week, the Eurogroup meeting will hopefully expose the discussions that have occurred,” he added. Continue reading

WashingtonExaminer – No, The IRS Cannot Be Fixed – It Must Be Abolished And Replaced With The Fair Tax – 3 August 2014

ZeroHedge – No, Millions Of Americans Have NOT Dropped Out Of The Labor Force Just Because They’re Retiring Baby Boomers – 15 March 2014

ZeroHedgeZero Hedge notes that the number of Americans in the labor force has dropped to 1978 levels:

The civilian labor force … dropped from 155.3 million to 154.9 million, which means the labor participation rate just dropped to a fresh 35 year low, hitting levels not seen since 1978, at 62.8% down from 63.0%.

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com / link to original article

Carla Dauden – “No, I’m Not Going To The World Cup” – 19 June 2013

Uploaded on 17 June 2013 by Carla Dauden Continue reading

Laura Bruno – No, It’s Not Just You! – 6 March 2013

laura brunoI’ve got a busy day of sessions ahead of me, but I felt called to post an acknowledgment:

If you’re feeling weepy, intense, overwhelmed, terrified of seemingly dire health issues, horrified at recent government/NWO moves, and/or just wondering if all your dreams and progress are merely an illusion … you’re in excellent company. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – No, Anonymous. The Time For Violent Resistance Is Past – 18 March 2012

Anonymous has called for revolution, the overthrow of the American government. I suppose I’m not surprised.

They say:

“Who do we terrorize? … This is America’s time to have its own revolution. … Anonymous has decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms.” Continue reading

No False Invasion,Bluebeam or Other Major Cabal Plans will be allowed fulfillment…

By David Cadona, 30th Sept. 2011


The dark ones are involved but mostly in propagating the fear about a fake invasion through media and in all possible ways…the earth’s alien invasion has already occured 13,000 years ago and they are the illuminati themselves,we have been under the influence of this invasion all of our lives and all of this time,it is the crystal transparent cage we live in today and not something that is yet to come…the dark ones in power know about the good forces trying to engage positively and peacefully our planet because they have been contacted by them several times in an attempt to convince them to change their manipulative ways but have always declined the proposals because they want their power and control to remain theirs and unaltered….that is the reason why the dark ones try in every way to depict our space bros and infiltrate in our minds about the galactic people and anything coming from ‘outside’ our planet as being evil invadors who want to take over….they are just disillusioned in reality because blinded by their own syndrome of self aggrandizing they underestimate the powers of good,and think they can go on liberally fulfilling all of their dark plans as they please….it is not so,their empire is quickly collapsing,much is being revealed and brought to the surface now,their once ‘apparent’ omnipotency has self imploded and their days are counted now….yes they had all sorts of dark plans to try and implement more and more control over us but now they cannot handle the widespread mass awakening that is occuring all over the place and they cannot hold back their inevitable downfall and the ever increasing energies bathing our planet and the raising of our consciousness,even if they relentlessly and stupidly keep persisting in their old ways…these mass increased Ufo sightings we are witnessing are in most cases not the result of bluebeam or the so much alleged staged fake invasion,or only minimally so, if so.It will not be permitted to occur by these benevolent forces who are the real power ,they have been monitoring our general evolvement and consciousness evolution for millennia of time,discretely,patiently and in a way of non direct interference in most cases respecting our free will and global karma as a humanity for natural progress ,but now it is different for we are approaching such an important time in our evolution,the closing of this cycle of duality and a great shift to occur,and nothing of major disruption of this process, especially ones which are caused voluntarily by the dark ones, will  be tolerated or allowed to happen….so, yes bluebeam was/is real,so is HAARP and many other devices and dark plans that the illuminati had in store,also the staged alien invasion was in program to be carried out,but none of these is to be fulfilled…yet we keep seeing much intentional propagation of misinformation,which is intentionally fear-based and misleading….they know disclosure is soon to be a reality,and that it means their demise,the end for their millennary stronghold of power so that is why they do their best at creating distrust,confusion and fear regarding this subject of ufo’s and disclosure,through many documentaries news,films and articles etc. all mingled with false fear based claims in regards to our space kin, which to the contrary have always worked in our favor by assisting us and proving to be crucial in extreme past situations where humanity was in serious danger and preventing escalating situations of growing threat…many military personell testified in a live broadcast saying they witnessed their ships deactivating military nuclear weapons at different military sites,their message is loud and clearly one of peace and love for us no matter what the media and the illuminati try to subtly instil and brainwash in our minds…there will soon be lots of proof available to all about this soon…and there already is lots of proof for who seeks for it,and we already can see the truth prevailing across the globe,so much is coming to the surface right now in preparation to the coming fresh changes….we should let go of the fear,what is coming will change our world forever and for the betterment of all,we should not give in to the illusions intentionally put in place for us to confuse and scare us…disclosure has been held back and delayed countless times,lots of false propaganda to make us weary about the subject…they just know disclosure is equivalent to their own empire’s collapse… …the issue of disclosure has been chosen and preferred this way by the galactics themselves to come through the media because it is a way by which people are more familiar with and will be less shocking when something so out of the box and revolutionary is presented in a way in which they are used to,so as to again minimize the impact of the BIG potentially shocking news…but if it was a choice of the dark ones it would not happen at all,the issue has sort of been forced onto them to come to terms with it and implement it,for it to happen…..the dark ones have in particular for more than the last decade been pushed into coming to terms with it,but with lots of resistance and intentional delays they themselves created including acts of great terror like false flags….so now that it’s about to be announced officially ,since they cannot refuse and have no other choice,their only card left to play is to announce it yes, but yet they will still try to mingle some untruth in with the truth,so still discernment will be key as always…but what matters for now is that things get started and gradually things will get sorted out as the illuminati constantly keep losing their grip on power and influence over media manipulation etc…the ultimate outcome so to say will still lead to their inevitable downfall,whatever and how much they try to delay and confuse things and whatever the in between will look like…and with it will gradually come the end of falsehood,tyranny and manipulation….blue beam,the false alien invasion and other major interference will not be allowed to occur even if there were plans by the dark for that and if there still will be any attempts,they will fail…they are being well monitored and taken care of…the imminent process for good change’s importance will not be let to be delayed and interrupted any further or put into question… if there are allowances from the galactics in regards to the dark ones to still meddle with the information given to the public through media is only because things have to be let follow their course as much as possible,and mostly come to fruition through our collective efforts without them intervening directly more than they are allowed to by divine decree and universal laws,they also have to allow for collective karma to play out itself and expire,and there are also divine timelines before which they have even more limited allowances of intervention…

Lately things have been greatly ripening and the dark now have no other choice than to accept and conform to the coming changes in the higher plan (for too long they tried to delay it in everyway,trying to sidetrack it,and they delayed the process for about a decade(particularly and at least so) indeed,they are conscious of the big bomb of truth which is ready to go,in every way also trying to sabotage the reputation of whatever comes from “outside” as being invadors and evil-oriented….they had this fake invasion,blue beam in plan in order among other reasons to gain the excuse to weaponize space so as to not have interference from outside with their own affairs,to further increase power and control and at the same time the people would be afraid of the outsiders even more by heightening the the supposed threat,but they never really took in consideration the higher more superior technological/spiritual advancement of the forces of good which are and have been subtly working behind the scenes and by whom the dark cabal often and repeatedly have had proposals for giving up their manipulative ways but always declined to accept,foolishly enough thinking the galactics don’t have the power and means or determination to displace them, that they maybe wouldn’t mean real business,and that they will be able to counteract any treath to their power by their own level of secret technologies and weapons…well guess what? it’s just what is happening…they are seeing before their very eyes their own empire tumbling down like a card castle,all the truths which have been coming out recently,wikileaks,mass arrests,revolutions,governments displacings,fraudulent media revelations etc it’s all happening and they don’t have the answers as to how and why it is happening spiralling out of their control,and desperately but uselessly trying to still maintain control of it and in being in a state of denia attitudel… their days are counted ,more and more they’re losing the grip on power and they know it but won’t admit it, still doing their best to give the opposite impression ,that everything is under their control while still causing much fear mongering and spreading falsities ….but in reality only until they are completely eradicated from their places of power…. There have always been bigger plans to be fulfilled than the dark plans of the illuminati,and they are coming to fruition no matter what the illuminati try to enact to halt the process …They won’t stop it from happening,it’s a divine decree they are working against so it’s a lost game even when they ever started it,they will not have free play to act as they please for much longer…anyway sharing this with love and respect for anyone else’s opinions which may differ,not agree with mine,it’s

all good to me i respect all opinions..always think it better to share different aspects ,for balance;) one can choose whatever feels as their truth to embrace then…this i felt was a good opportunity to share a few points on these quite diffused doubts whic

h many seem to have had or still have 😉 cheers ♥



tasks remain much the same as always, with the focus upon the dark Ones and their activities. We know them well and are aware of their plans to m

ake a last gasp attempt to create a false alien attack. We are allowed to prevent it, and… shall not hesitate to do so. As we see it, other events will precede such a time that will in any event make it impossible. We abide by the High Councils who decide policy matters, and are well aware

of the Divine Decree concerning the end-times. It is time for the Light to become the controlling influence in deciding how the future works out..We find our reception from you is very friendly and accepting of our presence.

Some fear

our motives but that results from years of conditioning, that is meant to see us as a threat to your lives. We know we can soon dispel them, and disclosure will allow us an opportunity to present ourselves to you. You will find that our very words carry the vibration of love, and that will calm such fears. Our actions have never been threatening, but have shown the caring and love we have for you all.” Salusa 30/9/11

“Our advice to you is to ignore any suggestion of an attempt to take over your world, as it will not happen. Also be assured that we are fully aware of the plan of the dark Ones to stage a false attack, and we will make sure that it fails. That much authority is given to us, and it would have been prevented even if a real attack was intended. Our fleets number thousands upon thousands of craft and we would not stand by and allow your precious Earth to be violated. It is not in the plan for the end-times, as you have earnt the right to ascend

and your freewill choice will be honored. The dark Ones can only go so far where you karma is concerned, before we stop them in their tracks. That is easy enough for us with our advanced technology, and not a drop of blood would be shed. You will not have to put up with the activities of the dark Ones much longer, as their days are numbered.” Salusa