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Blossom Goodchild – ( nr.2) – Keep On Keeping On! – 5 January 2013

blossom-blog-new shortJust now in a reply to an email I wrote … ‘KEEP ON KEEPING ON … FOR THERE IS A TRUTH INSIDE OF US THAT MAKES US DO SO!’

Sometimes I question all of this stuff, and believe me; I have had enough emails to leave not one stone of this ‘messenger lark’ unturned. Yet as I work my way through my TRUTHS … at the end of the day … I simply say to my heart ‘What do you FEEL?’ and instantly I FEEL A DEEP LOVE.

SO … Yes indeed … There are some issues that I would certainly like explaining whilst discussing ‘The Earthly Agenda’ over a pot of tea and a current bun with the affectionately known FOL … yet for now … I choose to accept the notion that it is wise to carry on with these ‘Off World Light Warriors’ because they seem to focus on LOVE more than anything else. In fact I don’t think they have ever done a channel and not brought the utter importance of it to the fore. Continue reading